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New Products, September 2003


Manage All Aspects of Your Server and Database announced myLittleAdmin, a Web-based database-administration tool for SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). The tool features a skin interface, user levels, and multidatabase support for SQL script generation. You can use the tool to manage all aspects of your server and database, including tables, indexes, foreign keys, triggers, constraints, views, stored procedures, users, roles, rules, defaults, and logins. Web-hosting companies can incorporate myLittleAdmin as part of their hosting offering. You can buy a one-site, one-server license for myLittleAdmin for $490. An unlimited-use license costs $1999. A free "lite" version is available so that you can test the product in your own environment. Contact at [email protected] or

Automatically Generate INSERT Scripts

XpressApps announced insertXpress, software that automatically generates INSERT scripts for SQL Server databases. When you have two databases with the same structure and you want to transfer data from one database to another, insertXpress can insert a script that contains all the data you selected from the source database. You simply run the software on the target database, and the software automatically inserts the data. InsertXpress can transfer all field types (including image, binary, varbinary, and timestamp), limit the number of rows transferred from the tables, automatically insert table and column names in your WHERE statement, and replace or append the existing data in the target database. Pricing starts at $99 for a single-user license. Contact XpressApps at [email protected] or


Create Saved DLs from Exchange

Advantage announced 2Xchange, a query program that creates saved distribution lists (DLs) from collected data on Microsoft Exchange Server and exports the DLs to Microsoft Outlook. The program can mine data from SQL Server data sources. 2Xchange serves as a pivot point between the original data and Outlook. The software lets you update information in the data mine at user-selectable time intervals. After you run a query, the software can send a message to the DL through an email message, Internet-based fax server, or printer. You can assign friendly names to fields from the original data source to make querying easier for a user who doesn't have database experience. You can also hide fields from the original data source to keep them from being exposed to the query maker. 2Xchange allows an unlimited number of users per domain. One domain license sells for $1995. Additional domain licenses are $1000 each. Contact Advantage at 800-837-8636, [email protected], or


Tune Database Code

Embarcadero Technologies announced Rapid SQL 7.2, an integrated development environment that lets developers create, edit, version, tune, and deploy server-side objects that reside on SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase databases. The product's HTML and Java programming capabilites create an environment for database and Web programming. Graphical features help simplify SQL scripting, object management, reverse engineering, database project management, version control, and schema deployment. Programmers can use Rapid SQL to produce database code faster. Rapid SQL 7.2 supports SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.5. For pricing, contact Embarcadero Technologies at 415-834-3131, [email protected], or

Develop and Maintain Equivalent Scripts

Red Earth Technologies announced Equivalent Script 1.1, an SQL tool that develops entire SQL scripts once, then generates equivalent SQL scripts for multiple database servers. Equivalent Script generates SQL scripts for SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and MySQL that don't require postediting and that will work the first time you run them. You can use the interface to create and generate scripts, or you can programmatically access the Document Object from within your application. Equivalent Scripts costs $395. Equivalent Script 1.1 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Contact Red Earth Technologies at [email protected] or


Recover Corrupt Database Files

XOsoft announced Data Rewinder and WANsync 3.5, product suites that can recover corrupted files and databases. The suites can undo corruption that application and database failures might cause and rewind data resources to the state they were in before corruption. You can use the suites to recover data on servers of any type, including SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and Microsoft Exchange Server. You don't have to perform a system reboot or interrupt database operations to install the products. For pricing, contact XOsoft at 212-798-1490, 866-926-7962, [email protected], or


Pass the 70-228 SQL Server Exam

Transcender announced TransTrainer for exam 70-228, Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000. The tutorial features 12 hours of video clips of instructor-led training and onscreen demonstrations that you can search by topic. You can use the tutorial with the TranscenderCert and TranscenderFlash applications to prepare for the exam. A single-user license costs $129. Contact Transcender at 615-726-8779, [email protected], or


Convert from Microsoft Access to SQL Server

ConverterTechnology announced its file-migration service for conversions from Microsoft Access to SQL Server 2000. The service can help you export all forms, reports, modules, and macros from an .mdb file to Access Data Projects (ADP). The service can also replace Data Access Objects (DAOs) with ADO when you migrate to SQL Server from Access. The service automatically converts DAO databases, recordsets, fields, and query definitions to their ADO equivalent. The service also converts Jet references to ANSI in SQL statements; for example, the service converts Boolean references to their SQL equivalent. In addition, you can use the service to convert Access object libraries to SQL equivalents. For pricing, contact ConverterTechnology at 603-880-9118, 800-541-7409, or

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