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New Products, September 2002


Automate the Discovery of Anomalies

PolyVista announced PolyVista, analytical software that features data-mining algorithms to automate the process of discovering anomalies or hidden relationships in data. The software integrates OLAP directly with interactive 2-D and 3-D graphics. The deviation algorithm discovers statistically interesting data anomalies and ranks the result list for you. The summary algorithm discovers combinations of dimensions that yield the greatest or least measure values.

PolyVista supports SQL Server 2000. For pricing, contact PolyVista at 713-521-1101 or


Streamline the Budgeting Process

Comshare announced support for SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services in Comshare MPC, budgeting software that lets organizations streamline the budgeting process. Comshare MPC is fully integrated and includes modules for planning, for financial consolidation, and for management reporting and analysis. You can use the software to prepare budgets and forecasts, perform specialized analysis, and streamline data collection and integration from multiple sources. The software also lets you create reports that guide users through the numbers and create various financial reports. The entire application sits on a central database. For pricing, contact Comshare at 734-994-4800 or


View Database Data

Deepak Kumar announced Easy Access to SQL, software for beginning SQL Server users that lets you view all the data in your SQL Server database. You don't need to give any command to view the data, and the software requires only a login ID and password. After the software validates you, it shows all SQL Server databases in one combo box. When you choose a database, the software shows all that database's tables in another combo box. The query box can execute all SQL commands and show you query results.

Easy Access to SQL supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. For pricing, contact Deepak Kumar at [email protected] or [email protected]

Integrate Data from Disparate Sources

Embarcadero Technologies announced DT/Studio, software that lets you transform, migrate, and integrate large quantities of data from disparate sources. DT/Studio lets you move data to and operate in any target location or application by first reverse engineering the existing operational data. After the software establishes the data architecture, it transforms the data from the original sources into the user-defined data format. The software then populates the target repository or application at an optimum speed.

DT/Studio supports SQL Server 2000 and can use SQL Server for the metadata repository. Pricing starts at $35,000. Contact Embarcadero at 415-834-3131, extension 3, or


Audit Database Activity

NetIQ and Lumigent announced a licensing partnership that will let NetIQ integrate Lumigent's RecoveryManager for SQL Server into the NetIQ SQL Management Suite. As part of the suite, RecoveryManager for SQL Server uses the SQL Server transaction log to audit database activity. You can recover data online and salvage data when traditional recovery techniques fail. For pricing, contact NetIQ at 408-856-3000 or http://www


Integrate Your E-Business Project

Data Junction announced the Data Junction Integration Suite, software for e-document integration and message-based integration for your e-business projects. The suite comprises Data Junction, Content Extractor, and Integration Engine. The Data Junction Integration Suite lets you access SQL Server data through XML and HTTP. Data Junction is a Windows-based graphical design tool. Content Extractor is a visual interface that automates the creation of extraction rules and conditions for extracting unstructured data. And the suite's Integration Engine enables rapid deployment, multithreaded parallel processing, and XML support.

The Data Junction Integration Suite supports SQL Server. For pricing, contact Data Junction at 800-580-4411 or


View Systems' Health and Status

TNT Software announced ELM Enterprise Manager 3.0, software that lets you view the health and status of distributed systems. The new release features event monitoring, event collection and consolidation, health and performance monitoring, data collection, service and process monitoring, log-file monitoring, enhanced cluster monitoring, Exchange Server monitoring, query-based monitoring of SQL Server, and TCP-port monitoring.

ELM Enterprise Manager supports SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.5 and costs $395. Contact TNT Software at 360-546-0878 or


View, Edit, and Test Views and Stored Procedures from One Location

Eddie Merkel announced T-SQLEditPro, a T-SQL code editor with a SQL Sense feature that lets you access database objects. The software also lets you view, edit, and test views and stored procedures from one central location. The software features a graphical query builder that lets you generate complex queries. After you've written code, T-SQLEditPro lets you store snippets of code or entire procedures in a local database file that you can share with other developers on the network.

T-SQLEditPro supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $79 for a single-user license. Mention you read about the product in SQL Server Magazine and receive a 50 percent discount. Contact Eddie Merkel at [email protected] or

Add Management Capabilities to Visual Basic .NET or C# Programs

White Bear Consulting announced MSDE Manager, .NET software that lets you add Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) and SQL management capabilities to Visual Basic .NET and C# programs. You can create and manage databases, users, and roles. You can also back up, restore, attach, and detach databases.

MSDE Manager costs $31 for a single-user license. MSDE Manager is an ADO-based application that you can also use with a full SQL Server license. Contact White Bear Consulting at [email protected] or

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