New Products: Precise for SQL Server, Find it EZ Professional, Toad Multi-DB Suites, Database Compare

Precise for SQL Server Spots Inefficiencies

Precise has released Precise for SQL Server, a solution for managing SQL Server databases. Features of the solution include the ability to view instance-level resources causing performance problems, such as excessive CPU, I/O, or flawed design; uncover internal SQL Server problems resulting in wait states in latches and data buffers; and quickly view the statements that access an object, letting DBAs identify unused indexes or SQL statements that perform full table scans. To learn more, visit

Bits n' Bytes Software Releases Find it EZ Professional 3.1.8

Bits n' Bytes Software has released Find it EZ Professional 3.1.8, an enterprise source code search engine to help developers save time, produce more accurate estimates, and deliver code changes. In addition to syntax-aware scanning support for over 30 programming languages, including Crystal Reports, Find it EZ connects directly to all major relational databases on all supported platforms, to scan schema, data, and SQL code. The latest release adds full integration with Microsoft Visual Studio plus a new Google Code Search for Visual Studio add-on. To learn more, visit

Quest Releases Four New Toad Suites

Quest Software has released four Toad Multi-DB Suites. Toad Multi-DB Suite Xpert offers development functionality, querying and reporting, data modeling, and SQL validation; Toad Multi-DB Suite Developer gives developers all the functionality in Xpert plus helps guarantee application success through improved code quality, performance, and maintainability; Toad Multi-DB Suite DB Admin provides DBAs with all the functionality in Xpert, plus administrative functionality that includes database health checks and task automation; and Toad Multi-DB Suite DBA includes the functionality in DB Admin, plus the ability to automate maintenance, ensure optimal performance, and mitigate the risk of change. To learn more, visit

Nob Hill Software Updates Database Compare

Nob Hill Software has released an update to Database Compare. The product offers improved migration scripts, UI enhancements, and added internal support for TableDiff, which helps SQL Server users to detect differences between tables more quickly, according to the vendor. Other recent enhancements that have been made include saving code while comparing to retain different versions, and telling you what a migration might break before you pull the switch. To learn more, visit

SQL Sentry Partners with DBSophic

SQL Sentry and DBSophic announced the Power Suite + Qure Quick Start Pack, a new product bundle to help SQL Server DBAs monitor, manage, troubleshoot, and tune database server performance. The bundle will contain licenses to monitor five instances of SQL Server with SQL Sentry Power Suite, and perform five performance optimizations using a special edition of Qure, available at a discount of what these products would cost individually. To learn more about these products, visit and

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