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New Products, October 2003


Get Dynamic Views of Your Business Information

Panorama Software announced that it will integrate its analytics capabilities into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server to provide users with dynamic views of SQL Server data. The Panorama NovaView BI platform includes NovaView Web components that you can embed directly into SharePoint Portal Server to connect information in Analysis Services to applications such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft Map-Point. Contact Panorama Software at 905-709-5848, 877-709-5848, or http://www


Implement Windows Authentication for Java Access to SQL Server

DataDirect Technologies announced DataDirect Connect for JDBC 3.3, a set of Type 4 JDBC drivers that use Windows authentication to connect Java applications to SQL Server data. Windows authentication eliminates the need for users to log in separately to multiple applications and provides security features such as secure validation, password encryption, auditing, password expiration, and account lockout after multiple invalid login requests. DataDirect Technologies uses Kerberos to implement Windows authentication in its JDBC drivers without making calls to external DLLs. This setup benefits Java developers because using Type 4 drivers eliminates the need to install the database-specific client library or additional DLLs. Contact DataDirect Technologies at 301-468-8501, 800-876-3101, or

Access XML for Analysis Web Services

Intellimerce announced 2.0, a managed server-side ASP.NET component that provides you access to XML for Analysis Web services. lets you access multidimensional (OLAP) and relational database queries and generate analytical Web applications in your Visual Studio .NET development environment. supports synchronized chart and grid views so that you can see graphical results during analysis. Other features include dice, slice, pivot, and zoom capabilities; depth coloring; a menu for slice selection and browsing, adding, and replacing dimensions; 14 different chart types; print preview; and fine-grained display control. Pricing for starts at $999. Enterprise licensing starts at $4999. Contact Intellimerce at 905-361-2854 or http://www


Monitor Your Database

Pearl Knowledge Solutions announced SQLCentric 1.2, a Web-based SQL Server database monitoring and alert system that you can deploy to your company's intranet. If any SQL Server or SQL agent in your network goes down or if drive space drops too low, SQLCentric notifies you by email or pager. The software integrates with your email system to provide you with autoalerts and follow-up messaging. The administration module lets you manage servers and groups and configure runtime parameters. The software is cluster aware for SQL Server 2000 and can display the name of each node in the cluster. You can choose any database server in your network to use as SQLCentric's master database server, so you can keep Microsoft IIS separate from SQL Server. For pricing, contact Pearl Knowledge Solutions at 917-499-7622 or


Display Model Information at Various Levels

Datanamic Solutions announced DeZign for Databases 3.0, database design and modeling software that features a new scripting engine and support for stored procedures and triggers. The database development tool lets you visually lay out entities and relationships. The software supports Entity-Relationship (ER) modeling techniques. DeZign for Databases displays model information at various stages of model development and can convey model information in abstract form. And DeZign for Databases generates reports that you can use to show complex designs in simplified formats. The software also extends your modeling power by letting you divide a large or complex model into smaller subdiagrams. DeZign for Databases includes an integrated scripting engine that uses templates or scripts to generate SQL schemas or XML output files. The software supports SQL Server, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, Oracle, and Sybase and costs $229. Contact Datanamic Solutions at


Analyze and Report

WINSIGHT announced Web-Analyst, a complete software suite for analysis and reporting based on Analysis Services databases and OLE DB for OLAP data sources. WebAnalyst is a secure environment for users to connect to reports and make reports available to others. You can create reports by using a Web browser and traditional OLAP capabilities such as dice, drilldown, and slice. The software incorporates different types of graphs such as histograms, pies, evolutions, and plans. You can navigate through dimension hierarchies and order and filter report results. Contact WINSIGHT at [email protected] or


Understand a SQL Server Upgrade Project

Edgewood Solutions announced The Start to Finish Guide to IT Project Management, an ebook by Jeremy Kadlec, a SQL Server database engineer. The ebook uses a SQL Server 6.5-to-2000 upgrade project as an example of how to define, organize, document, communicate, and manage an IT project. The ebook costs $19.99 per download. For more information, contact Edgewood Solutions at 888-788-2444, [email protected], or http://www


Ensure Optimal Network Performance from Anywhere

Expand Beyond announced PocketAdmin, mobile software for remote Windows administration. PocketAdmin bundles with PocketDBA, which is software for remote SQL Server 2000 administration, and PocketAdmin Console for command-line management in the Expand Beyond Mobility Suite for Microsoft (MSM). PocketDBA provides realtime access to your database and lets you control the database and the underlying server from any mobile device. PocketAdmin for Windows lets you securely manage objects in Active Directory (AD) in realtime. You can manage users, groups, printers, shares, and Microsoft Exchange 2003 and 2000. For pricing, contact Expand Beyond at 800-404-4059, [email protected], or

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