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New Products, October 2002


Manage Plant and Facility Maintenance

Eagle Technology announced that ProTeus II 8.1 Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. ProTeus II manages all areas of plant and facility maintenance. You can use ProTeus II with SQL Server to manage maintenance activities and parts procurement for multiple customer locations in multiple languages and currencies. The software takes advantage of SQL Server's stored procedures and triggers to interact more efficiently with the database. ProTeus II enforces referential integrity throughout the database to provide record accuracy and prevent and eliminate corrupt records.

Pricing is based on the number of concurrent users. Eagle Technology offers a three-user system and can support as many additional users as the customer requires. Contact Eagle Technology at 262-241-3845 or


Manage Enterprise Performance

Integrated Strategy Management (ISM) and ProClarity announced Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), software that integrates with ProClarity Enterprise Server. The combined ISM and ProClarity tool, which is designed for SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services, lets organizations implement ISM Performance Analyzer to track, monitor, and manage enterprise performance as part of an overall business intelligence (BI) solution. The EPM solution helps organizations meet goals by helping all parties understand risks and by defining mechanisms to produce maximum value. For pricing, contact ProClarity at 208-344-1630 or


Correct Invalid Database Records

Crystal Software announced DataPipe 2.4, software that lets database administrators, business analysts, and IT consultants who don't have programming knowledge correct invalid database records. DataPipe searches and replaces through a database, so you can check each change if necessary. The software features pattern matching and replacing, which you can use to rearrange text. You can use the text modification and cleanup scripts to correct capitalization, standardize address formatting, extract email addresses for marketing purposes, trim blanks and multiple white spaces, remove garbage characters, and truncate a column to a specific width.

DataPipe can connect to any database—including SQL Server—or any ODBC database driver. DataPipe comes in three configurations, a single-user license for $590, a server license for $1390, and a site license for $6990. Contact Crystal Software at [email protected] or

View Configuration Details

Ecora Software announced Configuration Auditor for SQL Server, software that lets you view users' server roles. The software reports login information such as login name, type, default database, default language, and whether a password is null. You can track table-structure settings including table column name, data type, length, and whether nulls are allowed. The software also details data file properties including data file ID, filegroup, file name, size, maximum size, growth, and location. Configuration Auditor for SQL Server formats reports similar to those that Enterprise Manager produces.

Configuration Auditor for SQL Server will be available in third quarter 2002. The software supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and starts at $500 per server. Contact Ecora Software at 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672, or


Encrypt Rows and Columns

Application Security announced DbEncrypt for Microsoft SQL Server, software that lets you encrypt rows and columns in your database. You can choose from a variety of encryption algorithms and use a point-and-click interface for installing and managing encryption. You also have access to a variety of block and stream ciphers, message authentication codes, and one-way hash functions. DbEncrypt for Microsoft SQL Server also provides an interface to generate secure random numbers, strong encryption keys, and initialization vectors. The software lets you perform day-to-day database operations without interference in daily routines. Encryption algorithms that the software supports include Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Data Encryption Standard (DES), DESX, Triple DES (3DES), blowfish, twofish, and serpent.

DbEncrypt for Microsoft SQL Server supports SQL Server 2000. Pricing is $9995 per instance. Annual maintenance subscriptions cost an additional 20 percent of the purchase price, which includes complete and unlimited maintenance, upgrades, and technical support. Contact Application Security at 212-490-6022, 866-927-7732, or

Prevent Vulnerability to SQL Snake

PentaSafe Security Technologies announced the PentaSafe Snake Bite Kit, a free downloadable tool that can identify vulnerable SQL Servers on the network. The SQL Snake virus takes advantage of SQL Server databases that have a blank password for the systems administrator (sa) account. SQL Snake can navigate into the Windows registry and OS to capture password information. The Snake Bite Kit's Snake Virus Scanner can detect SQL Server instances that use mixed-mode authentication and don't have a password for the sa account.

PentaSafe Snake Bite Kit supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Contact PentaSafe Security Technologies at 713-523-1992 or


Secure Your E-Business Data

Protegrity announced Secure.Data, an e-business application that protects credit-card, PIN, and patient-record data. The software can encrypt and secure database information at the data-item level and features Role Based Access Control (RBAC) to facilitate granular access to sensitive data. The software also includes an audit-trail feature that tracks all activity around confidential data and provides information for security-compliance reviews. The software was specifically built for Internet business solutions that use Microsoft Commerce Server.

Secure.Data supports SQL Server 2000. For pricing, contact Protegrity at 203-326-7200 or

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