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New Products, November 2003


Extract Relevant Business Data

ECS announced Analysis Center Library (ACL) 2.1, a suite of business intelligence (BI) analytic modules for sales, marketing, and retail performance monitoring. ACL features analytical capabilities that let end users at all levels determine which products and services are most profitable, what channels provide the most revenue, and what buying habits customers exhibit. The suite comprises modules that have specific functions such as market segmentation, share and growth, and price sensitivity analysis; pareto analysis; trending and forecasting; and daily pattern analysis. ACL lets users set color-coded exception triggers, define formulas for filtering report data, drill down to detailed data, save dynamic reports to a report library, and export data to Microsoft Excel. ACL uses SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services for the underlying OLAP cube technology. For pricing, contact ECS at [email protected] or


Verify Your Database Code

Innovartis announced DB Ghost, software that can verify whether your database code compiles correctly and doesn't break existing code. You can verify changes to your data-base schema and static data. You can also compare two existing databases and make them match. DB Ghost lets you compare an existing database against a set of base schema creation scripts (e.g., for stored procedures, tables, views, indexes, and foreign keys) to be sure the software works with your existing system. DB Ghost can also build new databases from scratch if you point the software to a set of object-creation scripts. You can keep track of all versions of your database so that you can roll back or roll forward changes. DB Ghost, which supports SQL Server 2000, costs $300 for a single-user license, $730 for a 5-user license, $1160 for a 10-user license, and $3000 for a site license. Contact Innovartis at [email protected] or

Eliminate Database-Locking Conflicts

ANTs Software announced ANTs Data Server, database-management software designed for applications that require intense updating, such as messaging services, stock-trading applications, reservation systems, and package-tracking applications. ANTs Data Server lets more than a thousand users simultaneously access and update the database. You can use the software to improve your database throughput. ANTs Data Server's design eliminates database-locking conflicts without compromising applications. Pricing for ANTs Data Server, which supports ODBC systems, starts at $25,000 per processor. Contact ANTs Software at 650-692-0219 or


Store Mainframe Metadata in SQL Server

Xbridge Systems announced that Xbridge Host Data Connect now supports SQL Server, letting you store mainframe data in SQL Server. Host Data Connect lets Windows, Web, and mobile applications securely access all OS/390 and z/OS mainframe data from systems such as Virtual Storage Access Method (VSAM), Queued Sequential Access Method (QSAM), IBM DB2, and Information Management System/Database (IMS DB). You can see the data in realtime in the format of the requesting application (e.g., Microsoft Excel). The Host Data Connect Results Cache add-on module lets you download mainframe data and determine the frequency and time of download. Host Data Connect starts at $20,000 for a single seat. Contact Xbridge Systems at [email protected] or


Visually Build SQL Scripts

Red Earth Technologies announced Superior SQL Builder, an SQL development tool that lets you build complete SQL scripts through a visual interface. Superior SQL Builder uses a method for developing SQL scripts that eliminates the need to cut and paste individual queries for an SQL script. The tool lets developers view an entire script, which helps developers create SQL scripts faster and reduce syntax and logic errors. The product's interface gives administrators, developers, and other IT professionals control over the generated SQL script. You can also use the interface to programmatically access the Document Object from within your applications. Superior SQL Builder supports SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and MySQL. Program registration is $199. Contact Red Earth Technologies at [email protected] or

Generate Scripts

Wingenious announced DBAction, a set of T-SQL routines for SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 that can generate scripts for database schema. You can also generate scripts for custom user-defined functions (UDFs), views, and stored procedures in dependency order. DBAction lets you export query results or selected table records to a text file. You can use the routines to get information about the database schema and the current state of the data. You can also close gaps in primary key identity values and reset the next available identity value. You can maintain a history of all data changes in selected tables and reverse any change. Wingenious also offers documents about suggested database architecture and free resources, including T-SQL code, on its Web site. Contact Wingenious at [email protected] or


Better Manage SQL Server Security

BindView announced bv-Control for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server security-management software that provides database access and control capabilities. The software features new automation and reporting functionality. The software also increases security in the database layer, where the most valuable company information resides. You can quickly restore the network and make incremental changes by using the software to document the database structure. Transaction Log Summaries let you view transaction logs and data in plain English text. Enterprise-wide security documentation capabilities verify configuration consistency. The Object Reference/Dependency feature lets you avoid system vulnerabilities and network downtime by outlining database dependencies to give you an idea of the entire security picture and shows how database changes will affect users, system files, and crucial applications. Contact BindView at 713-561-4000, 800-813-5689, or

Check for SQL Server Vulnerabilities

Application Security announced AppDetective 3.1.8, vulnerability-assessment software that can check for three new SQL Server vulnerabilities: named pipe hijacking, named pipe Denial of Service (DoS), and buffer overflow in local procedure calls (LPC). You can also check SQL Server to see whether database ownership chaining has been disabled. In addition, AppDetective can verify whether you've installed a patch that prevents revealing an account name that SQL Server runs under. For pricing, contact Application Security at 212-420-9270, 866-927-7732, or

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