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New Products, November 2002


Make SQL Server Available to Any Client released WebSQL Console 3.0, software that runs in the Web browser environment and makes SQL Server available to any client for Web hosting and data hosting. The software lets you perform database backup and restore, change user passwords, add your own functions to the WebSQL Console, create entry forms for individual application parts, and perform data-export configuration. The most recent release also features new language files.

WebSQL Console 3.0 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $990 for WebSQL Console Enterprise and $290 for WebSQL Console Lite. Contact at [email protected] or

Build Employee Performance Evaluations

Halogen Software announced Halogen e360 Open, Web-based peer feedback software that lets you build employee performance evaluations, collect and store responses, monitor evaluators' progress, and create instant reports. The software lets nontechnical users create professional performance evaluations with the look and feel of their corporation's design. You can track the evaluation's status by evaluator or subject. Automated notification and reminder notices give the evaluators direction. You can save and resume the evaluation at a later date.

Halogen e360 Open supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Halogen Software provides two pricing structures for Halogen e360 Open. You can purchase Halogen e360 Subject Licenses or Halogen e360 Server Licenses. For pricing details, contact Halogen Software at 613-744-2254, 866-566-7778, or


Maintain Database Schema Design

IT-Map announced dbPAL Universal Database Toolkit, a suite of integrated modules to help systems developers and DBAs manage databases. The suite includes Studio, Workshop, Director, and Central System modules. The Schema Editor feature lets users create and maintain the database schema design and displays multiple database management system (DBMS) type views. dbPAL integrates data-modeling capability and incorporates drilldown and drill-up capabilities. The software includes a library of 15 prebuilt reports that show all detail levels for database schemas. You can use dbPAL to synchronize database content and provide subschema masking to limit the scope of synchronization to particular subsets of the data.

DbPAL supports SQL Server and starts at $435 for a personal edition. The dbPAL Universal Database Toolkit costs $1385. Contact IT-Map at 847-968-2567 or

Clear Application-Performance Bottlenecks

Precise Software Solutions released Precise/Indepth for SQL Server 2000, software that provides application-performance management so that a DBA can detect and resolve the root causes of application-performance problems in the production environment. Precise and Microsoft jointly developed the high-speed sampling technology of Precise/Indepth for SQL Server. Through its built-in methodology, Precise/Indepth for SQL Server lets you view application performance and captures, measures, and correlates performance metrics from all crucial system components to identify and help resolve application-performance bottlenecks. Pricing starts at $3000. Contact Precise Software Solutions at 781-461-0700 or


Connect VB and the .NET Languages to SQL Server

Harry von Borstel Computer Engineering released blueshell Active Tables 3.0, software that connects Visual Basic (VB) 6.0 and 5.0 and the .NET languages to SQL Server and MySQL databases. The software is a control suite that can handle all aspects of database client development. The software uses table controls to support a grid view. The connected table controls observe the database's entity relationships. Blueshell Active Tables works in the IDE of Visual Studio .NET or VB to let the developer redefine any development step at any time.

Blueshell Active Tables 3.0 supports all SQL Server releases and costs $250 for a license. Contact Harry von Borstel Computer Engineering at [email protected] or

Generate Database Code

Digital Lenz announced Code Storm, software that can produce SQL code and program source code. A developer can use the software to quickly produce native database code and Visual Basic (VB) code to implement all the tasks required to maintain database objects. The software features fast-track scripts that perform common developer tasks such as building stored procedures and VB source code to execute stored procedures. Code Storm uses an integrated Script Manager to manage scripts for you. You can arrange your scripts in a structured way and store them on a network drive so that the whole development team can access them. The software also can lock scripts so that two developers can't edit the same script at the same time.

Currently available only as a VB 6.0 add-in, Code Storm supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing starts at $314. Contact Digital Lenz at [email protected] or


Learn About Performance Optimization

Realtimepublishers and Precise Software Solutions announced The Definitive Guide to SQL Server Performance Optimization, a free e-book by Don Jones that features examples of SQL Server performance optimization tactics. Jones is writing the e-book in realtime, so you can read chapter-by-chapter as he writes. Registered readers receive an email notification when a new chapter is ready or modifications are posted. Chapters include Understanding Performance Components and Scaling Concepts, SQL Server Performance Audit Methodology, Measuring Performance, Core Server Performance Tuning Techniques, Basic to Advanced Query Performance Tuning, Scaling SQL Server for Performance, and Improving Performance from the Client Side. For more information, contact Realtimepublishers at 707-539-5280 or or contact Precise Software Solutions at 800-310-4777 or


Manage Your Environment

NetIQ announced SQL Management Suite 1.1, software that provides SQL Server diagnostic and recovery functions, data-change diagnostic and recovery functions, configuration management, and change-history functions. You can investigate changes to database permissions and database schema. Enhancements include extended database and table management, additional problem diagnosis information, and integrated training facilities. The suite comprises AppManager for SQL Server, Diagnostic- Manager for SQL Server, RecoveryManager for SQL Server, and ConfigurationManager for SQL Server.

Pricing is $15,000 for a five-server starter pack. A standard edition, which doesn't include AppManager, costs $7500 for a five-server starter pack. Contact NetIQ at 888-323-6768 or

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