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New Products, May 2003


Capture Manufacturing Data in Realtime

Wonderware announced IndustrialSQL Server 8.0, software that captures detailed plant data in realtime so that companies can gain a better understanding of the manufacturing process and make improvements in product consistency and productivity. The software provides performance and scalability for industrial automation users and quick access to historical data. IndustrialSQL Server can serve small and large companies. For pricing, contact Wonderware at 949-727-3200 or






Identify SQL Server Problems

Lumigent Technologies announced Log Explorer 3.0, software that lets users identify SQL Server database problems and recover information when crucial data is lost. Log Explorer uses SQL Server's transaction log to audit database activity, quickly recover data online, and salvage data when other techniques fail. You can see who made changes to database information and structures and see when the changes happened. The software supports all types of binary large objects (BLOBs). You can view, redo, and undo values for the BLOBs and quickly locate a log section in which problems exist. You can use Log Explorer 3.0 to create an index to browse large logs faster, and you can look at more specific parts of a large log. Log Explorer supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $995 per server for one copy of Log Explorer Enterprise Edition. Contact Lumigent Technologies at 978-206-3700, 866-586-4436, or

Analyze Table Differences

LockwoodTech Software announced SQLDiff, a server-based database-comparison tool that can quickly analyze the differences in tables, procedures, views, and users between two SQL Server 2000 or 7.0 databases. The software shows object scripts side by side and lets you observe the scripts' differences. SQLDiff also lets you programmatically merge the databases based on the differential analysis. SQLDiff supports data differences, so you don't need to buy multiple products for structural databases and data databases. Pricing is $199 for one developer license and $597 for five developer licenses. Contact Lockwood- Tech Software at [email protected] or






Synchronize SQL Server with Data Models

Popkin Software announced System Architect 9.0, an enterprise architecture tool that features SQL Server support. System Architect integrates support for all areas of modeling, including business process modeling, object-oriented and component modeling with Unified Modeling Language (UML), relational data modeling, and structured analysis and design. SQL Server support lets you manage multiple System Architect encyclopedias. The software lets you synchronize SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and Oracle 8 databases with System Architect physical data models. XML design functionality lets you model XML designs in an XML hierarchy diagram and includes support for external Document Type Definition (DTD), internal DTD, XML Instance documents, and Microsoft BizTalk Server. System Architect 9.0 costs $5250 for a concurrent usage license. Annual maintenance and support costs $787. Contact Popkin Software at 800-732-5227 or






Quickly Generate Database-Related Code

Digital Lenz announced Code Storm Professional 2003, software that examines your database and produces SQL code and program source code. The script-driven software lets you generate any code you want, freeing you from the constraints of hard-coded software. Currently available as a Visual Basic (VB) add-in and as a standalone Windows executable, Code Storm Professional handles common tasks such as building stored procedures and source code to execute the stored procedures. The software comes with its own Script Manager and Script Editor. Code Storm Professional supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Oracle, and Sybase and costs $235. Contact Digital Lenz at [email protected] or



Identify Which Data in Which Tables Changed

Fencel Software released DBWatch 2.01, a debugging utility for developers who write programs that modify the data tables of a SQL Server or Microsoft Access database. DBWatch provides you with a difference report between any two points in time on the data tables in the target database. You can find out which data in which tables recently changed. You simply load the database into DBWatch and execute the program under test, click the difference button, and view DBWatch's display of the database tables, which highlights changes in red, green, and blue (for modified, deleted, and added records, respectively). You can compare approximately 10,000 records per second. Pricing starts at $25 per license, and volume discounts are available. Contact Fencel Software at [email protected] or



Create, Edit, and Execute SQL Scripts

AquaFold announced Aqua Data Studio, a free SQL editor and developer tool that lets you create, edit, and execute SQL scripts and browse database structures. The software provides an integrated database environment with one interface to all relational databases so that the developer can handle multiple tasks simultaneously from one application. The Query Analyzer feature lets users develop and test database scripts. Other features include a Database Schema Explorer, a SQL Script Explorer, multigrid support for multiselect statements, database-specific syntax coloring, autocompletion for SQL statements, and autotemplate insertion with the F12 hot key. Aqua Data Studio supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Oracle, and DB2. You can download the software at AquaFold's Web site at






Protect Database Information from Internal and External Threats

Protegrity announced Secure.Data F3, a database-security solution for SQL Server 2000 that uses nCipher's cryptographic Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 140 Level 3-certified hardware. The Secure.Data F3 solution integrated with the nCipher nShield Hardware Security Model (HSM) helps customers meet strict government, industry, and internal auditing standards to protect database information from internal and external threats. Secure.Data F3 improves key management to let you securely generate, store, dispose of, archive, and recover the master key. Secure.Data F3 also automates encryption with an audit function that's based on separation of duties for sensitive data in the selected database columns. The automation and enforcement of the segregation of duties between DBAs and security officers lets you centrally manage encryption parameters. Pricing is about $40,000, based on the number of databases and CPUs. Contact Protegrity at 203-326-7200, [email protected] .com, or


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