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New Products, June 2003


Back Up and Recover Your Enterprise Data

BMC Software announced an update to SQL-BackTrack for Microsoft SQL Server, an enterprise solution for SQL Server backup and recovery. The software provides block-level incremental or differential backups, dump striping, and data-compression capabilities. When only one object is damaged, you don't need to recover your entire database; logical extraction lets you recover individual objects directly from physical backups. The Point-In-Time Recovery feature helps DBAs identify when the database became corrupted and lets you recover the database to just before the problem occurred. Enhancements include support for SQL Server 2000 and Windows 2000, clusters, named instances, and multiple instances. The updated version also features a new GUI. For pricing, contact BMC Software at 713-918-8800, 800-841-2031, or


Manage MSDE

White Bear Consulting announced a new version of MSDE Manager, an ADO-based application that provides management tools for Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). You can also use MSDE Manager with a full SQL Server license. You can use the software to edit and execute SQL scripts; list, create, and drop logins; list, create, drop, back up, restore, attach, and detach databases; list, create, and drop database roles and modify memberships; and list, schedule, and drop automated backup jobs or T-SQL statements. Pricing is $36 for a single-server license. Contact White Bear Consulting at [email protected] or

Improve SQL Server Production Operations

NetIQ announced NetIQ SQL Management Suite 2.0, a suite that comprises AppManager for SQL Server, DiagnosticManager for SQL Server, RecoveryManager for SQL Server, and Configuration-Manager for SQL Server. The suite was designed to improve SQL Server production operations as well as database performance and availability. The new To Do list feature in DiagnosticManager displays SQL Server problems and provides one-click access to diagnostic data so that you can work with other DBAs' to-do lists and assist each other. ConfigurationManager adds new reports for server properties, replication settings, database security, and SQL Server Agent job scheduling. The NetIQ SQL Management Suite costs $15,000 for a five-server starter pack. A Standard Edition, which doesn't include AppManager for SQL Server, costs $7500 for a five-server starter pack. Contact NetIQ at 888-323-6768 or


Speed the Creation of Dynamic Web Pages

Advanced Extensions announced Advanced Query Wizard, a SQL query-building tool that speeds and simplifies the creation of dynamic Web pages in Macromedia Dreamweaver MX. Advanced Query Wizard helps you build recordsets, which contain information from tables in ODBC data sources. You don't need SQL knowledge to insert dynamic data such as information about sales, pricing, and availability in your Web applications. The software automatically generates the correct SQL code to perform extracts, joins, filters, groups, and summaries. Advanced Query Wizard supports any ODBC-compliant database, including SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Access, MySQL, and Oracle. Contact Advanced Extensions at 704-845-1000, [email protected], or http://www


Encrypt SQL Scripts

Ecatenate announced dbLockdown, a database tool that encrypts and restores stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions (UDFs) and views. The software safely encrypts your SQL scripts so that nobody can view or edit them. The software lets you view all SQL Server database objects across your enterprise and on your Internet servers. All database objects that you encrypt are automatically archived so that you can restore them again. You can also encrypt and restore individual database objects. dbLockdown uses SQL Server's native encryption, so the software doesn't compromise database script functionality. The tool tracks database versions to prevent the loss of incremental script changes. For pricing, contact Ecatenate at [email protected] or

Monitor Security Patches

Westinghouse Electric Company announced that its StatePointPlus software suite can configure and monitor security patches to protect against the Slammer worm, which targets unpatched SQL Server and MSDE systems and results in a high volume of network traffic on the Internet. StatePointPlus continuously monitors changes to the patch or the application, updates or isolates systems that don't have the patch, scans ports throughout the network to determine which ports might have been compromised, and lets the administrator quickly change the patch across the enterprise from the system console. For pricing, contact Westinghouse Electric Company at 877-787-6468 or


Control Database Activity from Your Wireless Device

Xora announced Mobility Connectors for DBAs, which let DBAs who manage SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, or any Java Database Connectivity (JDBC)-compliant database monitor and control database activity from wireless devices, including pagers, cell phones, and PDAs. You can also remotely access your database through automated speech recognition and through standard Web browsers. You can use the connector to respond and perform the operations necessary to keep the database running optimally and reliably. Pricing is $10,000 when purchased with the Xora EnterpriseOne server, which is priced at $100,000. Pricing for standalone Mobility Connectors for DBAs is $40,000. Contact Xora at 650-314-6460 or


Get Answers to Your Common SQL Server Questions

Curlingstone announced SQL Server 2000 Fast Answers for DBAs and Developers, a book by Joseph Sack that covers a wide range of SQL Server topics for DBAs and developers. Topics include installation and upgrades, configuring SQL Server, creating databases, SQL Server Agent and SQL Server logs, security, replication, failover clustering, log shipping, T-SQL techniques, and XML. The book provides how-to answers to common SQL Server administration and development questions. The 980-page book costs $41.99 at Amazon. Visit Curlingstone at

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