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New Products, July 2002


Connect an Application to Multiple Data Sources

FireStar Software announced ObjectSpark, a three-component data-services tool that automates DSL creation in distributed applications. The ObjectSpark Universal Adapter provides a data and message service layer for a business application. ObjectSpark generates the adapters, which provide an API that maps to the object in the business application and provide communication with external processes through generated SQL statements and XML messages. The ObjectSpark Designer is a GUI tool you can use to develop and customize the ObjectSpark adapter maps. The ObjectSpark Console Server deploys, configures, and runs the generated ObjectSpark adapters in either a COM or Java environment. ObjectSpark data-service objects access databases to work with the data objects.

ObjectSpark supports SQL Server 7.0 and costs $2500 for one developer license and one deployment server license for testing purposes. Contact FireStar Software at [email protected] or


Edit and Manage Database Data

TheDevShop announced dbQwikEdit 2.1, a program that connects to any database through ADO and ODBC methods to let you edit and manage database data. dbQwikEdit lets you edit data, build SQL statements, and export and migrate data. dbQwikEdit can port data between databases, letting you move data between tables, merge tables, and perform table synchronization. The software lets you view your database structure, including column names, data types, nullable columns, data size, indexes, indexed columns, and primary indexes.

dbQwikEdit Pro costs $79, and dbQwikEdit Lite is $39. Contact TheDevShop at [email protected] or


Analyze Storage Usage Patterns

Precise Software Solutions announced Precise/SiteStor SRM, a storage-performance­management solution that analyzes storage-usage patterns so that you can optimize storage-device performance. The software reports on storage devices across many platforms, including UNIX and Linux. At user-specified intervals, the software collects storage statistics from agents residing on network servers, then pushes the information to the data server. SiteStor provides a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) interface, with which you can centrally manage agents. The data server saves the statistical data in a central SQL Server or Oracle database. You can learn which users consume the most space and which servers are near capacity.

Precise/SiteStor SRM runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT systems and supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and Oracle8i. For pricing, contact Precise Software Solutions at 781-461-0700, 800-310-4777, or


Prepare for Exam 70-228

Transcender announced SQL-AdminFlash 2000, a simulation of the Installing, Configuring, and Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition Exam 70-228. The software features more than 400 questions in an electronic flash-card format. The quiz software provides self-graded, customized, and randomized quizzes. Other features include extensive print and review capabilities and a notes feature that lets you add notes to each question.

A single-user license costs $19 when you also purchase the corresponding SQL-AdminCert 2000 exam simulation, or you can buy the software alone for $69. Contact Transcender at 615-726-8779 or

Solve SQL Server Programming Problems

O'Reilly announced Ales Spetic and Jonathan Gennick's Transact-SQL Cookbook, a book that contains T-SQL solutions to problems that SQL Server programmers deal with. The solutions in the book show you how to perform tasks from importing external data to more complicated tasks involving algebra. Each solution is followed by an explanation of logic and concepts that underlie the solution. Topics include pivot tables, sets, data structures, hierarchies in SQL, temporal data, audit logging, importing and transforming data, and statistics in SQL.

The Transact-SQL Cookbook costs $34.95. Contact O'Reilly at 800-998-9938 or

Learn About XML

Prentice Hall Professional Technical Reference (PH PTR) announced the fourth edition of Charles Goldfarb's The XML Handbook, a book that provides information about XML for content developers, managers, and programmers. Goldfarb invented the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML), on which XML and HTML are based. Chapter topics include three-tier applications, e-commerce, integration, content management, portals, publishing, databases, content acquisition, schemas and design, and Web services.

The book includes two CD-ROMs that contain 175 free XML software packages, trial versions of XML products, and a library of XML-related specifications. The 1180-page book costs $49.99 and is available through online booksellers. Contact Charles Goldfarb at [email protected] or


Create Documentation for Your ASP Project

Living Address announced Living Doc, software for Active Server Pages (ASP) projects that automatically creates documentation. The software documents your ASP code and scans your SQL Server database for tables, stored procedures, triggers, and SQL functions. The software creates a hyperlink for each piece of information so that you can see details such as which stored procedures and tables the piece of information uses. You can compare two snapshots to see what changed in the project between snapshots.

Living Doc supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $3000. Contact Living Address at [email protected] or


Surf Through Data to Create Simple Reports

GanyMede Systems announced InfoSurfer, a reporting tool that lets end users surf through data to create and print simple reports quickly. The software consists of InfoSurfer-Desktop and InfoSurfer-Admin. Users locate the required data by searching through data descriptions that InfoSurfer-Admin prepares. Then, InfoSurfer-Desktop uses these descriptions to produce reports. Users create, save, and manage reports by using InfoSurfer-Desktop.

InfoSurfer supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Microsoft Access, dBase, and Oracle databases. For pricing, contact GanyMede Systems at 604-987-4377 or

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