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New Products, January 2003


Quickly Change Your Workstations, Servers, and DCs

Lieberman & Associates announced User Manager Pro 4.24, software that lets you make changes to your workstations, servers, and domain controllers (DCs) within seconds. The new sorting dialog box lets you configure as many columns as you want to sort. The software lets you run a program as part of the report-generation process, so you can automatically upload files, export comma-delimited records on your machines to your SQL Server database, and send reports to pagers and cell phones. User Manager Pro's new identification feature helps you find selected machines in a large office setting. For pricing, contact Lieberman & Associates at 310-550-8575, 800-829-6263, or

Analyze Missing Patches

Ecora Software announced PatchMeister, a free management tool that automatically discovers domains, servers, and workstations and analyzes existing patch configurations for each system. The software compares what a system has installed with the latest patches for SQL Server, Windows XP Professional Edition, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Internet Explorer (IE), and IIS. You can download the tool from Ecora Software's Web site. Contact Ecora Software at 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672, or


Build a Data Tier

Pragmatier announced Pragmatier Data Tier Builder 2.0. This new release includes features such as native Microsoft .NET support, a new interface, better performance, and more-compact generated code. Pragmatier Data Tier Builder is an integrated modeling tool, code generator, and database generator that can build a complete data tier based on developer-specified class models. The tool generates Visual Basic (VB) code and supports SQL Server, COM+, and Jet 4.0 and 3.0. Pragmatier Data Tier Builder 2.0 is available under two licenses: The COM+ Professional Edition and the .NET Professional Edition. The COM+ Professional Edition generates COM+-compliant VB 6.0 scripts. The .NET Professional Edition generates both COM+-compliant VB 6.0 and Visual Basic .NET scripts. Contact Pragmatier at [email protected] or


Perform Data Replication from IBM Servers to SQL Server

HiT Software announced DB2Motion 2.5, software that performs realtime data replication from IBM iSeries or AS/400 servers to SQL Server databases. The software provides a graphical administration interface, VBScript support, and a Windows service engine with log support so that you can monitor the replication log. You can install DB2Motion on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT servers. The software supports OS/400 and SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing is $2995 per server. Contact HiT Software at 408-345-4001 or


Determine SQL Worm Vulnerability

eEye Digital Security has developed a free tool to help you determine whether your systems are vulnerable to the SQL Worm that infects SQL Server. The Retina SQL Worm Scanner can scan as many as 254 IP addresses at once. If the scanner finds a vulnerable IP address, the scanner alerts you. You can then double-click the IP address to find information about how to fix the vulnerability. eEye Digital Security has also developed a special version of the Retina SQL Worm Scanner, Class B and A, which can scan an entire Class B and A subnet at one time. The Class B and A scanner is available for purchase by request only. Contact eEye Digital Security at 949-349-9062, 866-339-3732, or


Learn to Maximize SQL Server Performance

Prentice Hall announced a book by Carl H. Speshock, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Database Administrator's Guidebook, a guide for DBAs who want to maximize SQL Server performance, security, and scalability. The book covers topics including planning, design, installation, optimization, automation, clustering, technical writing, and data modeling. The book also includes help for DBAs migrating from Oracle or Sybase. The CD-ROM includes a library of support documents and scripts. The 474-page book costs $35.99. Contact Prentice Hall at 800-282-0693 or


Manage Your Web Site

Electronic Software Publishing (Elsop) announced LinkScan 11.0, link-checking and Web site­management software. The enhanced release features a new internal database engine that displays reports faster. All raw data is still available to other database applications including SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL. The new Retry External option lets LinkScan track all external links that appear to fail because of network-related errors. The new Maxredir command lets users control the maximum number of HTTP redirections LinkScan will follow when connecting to a specific URL. The software runs on Windows 2000, Windows NT, and Windows 9x systems. Pricing starts at $750 per copy, and the new release is a free upgrade to LinkScan 10.0 users. Contact Elsop at 408-323-3030 or http://

Convert Databases to HTML or PDF Documents

XlineSoft announced DBtoHTML Express 3.0, software that lets users convert all major databases to HTML or PDF documents. The program is a template-based tool that can convert database files to static, search-enabled documents. DBtoHTML Express establishes a tabbed interface in which you can generate HTML documents. Once you connect to your database, you can select a table and build an SQL query or load an existing SQL script to run against the data. DBtoHTML Express supports SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.5 and runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows Me, and Windows 9x systems. Pricing is $129 for a single-user license. Contact XlineSoft at 703-904-8376 or

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