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New Products, February 2002

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Administrative Tools

Store Outlook Items

Oaklodge Technologies announced SQLView, an add-on for Microsoft Outlook that lets you directly store Outlook contacts, tasks, appointments, and notes in a SQL Server 2000 or 7.0 database. The software lets you drag fields and apply sorts and filters to dynamically build queries with Outlook Views. You can configure the software by using an XML schema, which lets a developer define Outlook Folders, Fields, Views, and custom Forms. SQLView works with database-replication tools to let laptop users work with subsets of data. The software can also present T-SQL queries as Outlook folders to the end user.

SQLView runs on Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows 98, and pricing starts at $95 for a single-user license. Contact Oaklodge Technologies at 360-344-4240 or

Resolve Problems

Previo announced eSupport Essentials 4.02, problem-resolution and disaster-recovery software that preserves a snapshot of a server or a user's system and lets you roll the system back to recover from a problem. The software also takes a snapshot of network settings every time a user successfully connects to the corporate network so that users can get up and running quickly when dial-up network settings aren't functioning properly. The new release features support for the backup, recovery, rollback, and remote control of a variety of servers, including SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server. The software backs up servers to a disk so that you can recover the servers without incurring the cost of a tape-based system.

eSupport Essentials 4.02 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. For pricing, contact Previo at 858-794-3789, 877-977-3846, or


Implement a CRM Solution

Soffront Software announced a customer relationship management (CRM) implementation program to highlight TRACKWeb CRM 7.0, the company's CRM solution. TRACKWeb CRM lets you configure multilevel security, design new queries, and create text and graphical reports. TRACKWeb CRM has extended security control options. The software features lead management, sales force automation, online problem ticket submission and management, knowledge management, and defect tracking. TRACKWeb CRM provides an intuitive UI that uses common Web-navigation tools. The Speed Bar lets you access your most frequently used actions and most recently visited records and provides one-click access to queries and reports.

TRACKWeb CRM 7.0 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $25,000 for five floating licenses. Contact Soffront Software at 510-413-9000 or

Developer Tools

Implement Persistent Data

Pragmatier announced the professional edition of Pragmatier Data Tier Builder, an integrated modeling tool and code and database generator for Visual Basic (VB) and SQL Server. The software simplifies the development of applications that require persistent objects. The modeling tool supports features such as inverse property relationships and trigger methods. The tool features full inheritance, collection properties, type-safe editing with override capabilities, automatic generation of matching correspondence property, property and class wizards, import and export class definitions through XML, and component-based class grouping.

Pragmatier Data Tier Builder Professional Edition costs $895 and supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Contact Pragmatier at [email protected] or

Access SQL-Compatible Databases

Perfect Sync Software announced SQL Tools 2.0, software that gives Visual Basic (VB) developers a method to access databases. The software features functions such as SQL_OpenDatabase, SQL_Statement, and SQL_FetchResult, while avoiding the overhead and complexities of ADO, Data Access Object (DAO), RDO, and OLE DB. SQL Tools supports all versions of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).

SQL Tools 2.0 supports SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.5 and is available in two versions: SQL Tools Standard 2.0 and SQL Tools Pro 2.0. The standard version costs $99.95 and provides all of the basic database functions for most small to midsized projects. The professional version adds a range of advanced features for midsized to large projects. Contact Perfect Sync Software at 248-546-5300 or

Technical Reference

Configure and Tune SQL Server 2000 Performance

Microsoft Press announced Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Performance Tuning Technical Reference, a book by Edward Whalen, Marcilina Garcia, Steve Adrien DeLuca, and Dean Thompson that provides a guide to performance tuning, optimization, and capacity planning for SQL Server 2000. The authors write about the mechanics of performance tuning and how tuning affects the whole system. You can learn how to use the Windows 2000 System Monitor and SQL Server Profiler to shorten transaction response times and learn how to model software and hardware usage to predict resource consumption. You can also learn how to tune online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, data warehouses, and replicated systems.

The 464-page book costs $49.99. Contact Microsoft Press at 800-677-7377 or

Database Administration

Solve Database Problems

Lumigent Technologies announced Log Explorer 2.5, database software that uses the SQL Server transaction log to audit database activity, solve application or user problems, selectively recover online data, and recover data when traditional recovery techniques fail. Log Explorer supports direct and thorough resolution of database and data-integrity problems. New features let you use Log Explorer to determine the user and application responsible for every modification to data, database structure, and permissions so that you can anticipate and correct problems.

Log Explorer 2.5 Enterprise Edition costs $995 per server for one copy. Discount pricing is available for multiple copies. Log Explorer 2.5 Professional Edition is available for $395 per server. Contact Lumigent Technologies at 978-371-9082, 866-586-4436, or

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