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New Products, December 2003


Compare and Synchronize Databases

Red Gate Software announced SQL Data Compare 3.0, software for developers and DBAs who frequently move and verify data between SQL Server databases. The software's designers used Microsoft .NET to completely recode the latest release. Enhancements include a new UI; the ability to compare text, ntext, and image data; the ability to run SQL scripts from within SQL Data Compare; and reduced security limitations that let you compare data if you have SELECT permissions on tables. SQL Data Compare supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. For pricing, contact Red Gate Software at 866-733-4283 or [email protected]

Create a Data Dictionary

Lucky Dog Systems announced SQL Data Dictionary, a tool that lets developers and DBAs define a data dictionary for table and field elements. The utility simplifies sharing database metadata with the appropriate personnel. The tool eliminates the need to maintain a separate document that details descriptions of database objects. Instead, SQL Data Dictionary uses SQL Server 2000 to store information in the database. Pricing is $39 for one license. Contact Lucky Dog Systems at [email protected] or http://www

Replicate and Integrate Data Across Databases

Vision Solutions announced ORION, a multiplatform information-availability solution that supports data replication, server and application failover, and data integration between SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, and IBM DB2 databases. ORION lets you perform data integration across disparate databases and manage application and server availability in homogeneous and heterogeneous environments. You can use the Hyper-Clustering feature to make data available for users no matter where the information is located or what OS it's on. ORION can integrate data in realtime so that employees, customers, and business partners can access data quickly and in the format they need. For pricing, contact Vision Solutions at 800-683-4667, 949-253-6500, or

Import and Export BLOBs and CLOBs

TECA announced ImageTransferPlus 2.0, a graphical 32-bit Windows import and export utility that lets you easily transfer Binary Large Objects (BLOBs) and Character Large Objects (CLOBs) between the file system and your SQL Server database. The software eliminates the need to write custom file import and export programs. The integrated file system explorer lets you navigate the PC file system, and the database explorer lets you interactively select database columns. A built-in graphical viewer lets you view binary formats and text files. ImageTransferPlus can import most file types to and export them from SQL Server image or text columns. ImageTransferPlus costs $39.95. For order information, contact TECA at 503-901-6335 or


Back Up SQL Server

Sonasoft announced SonaSafe, a Plug and Play (PnP) appliance that provides disk-to-disk backup and recovery. You can manage multiple target databases through one console and apply single-click recovery commands. The appliance lets you specify the type and frequency of backups and lets you control which databases to restore, where to restore, and the order of restoration. In addition, the appliance maintains complete logs of all operations and generates email alerts to designated personnel when it completes selected functions or encounters errors. SonaSafe supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. For pricing, contact Sonasoft at 408-927-6200, [email protected], or


Build BI Solutions with Reporting Services

Panorama Software announced that its NovaView BI Platform will support SQL Server Reporting Services so that companies can use NovaView BI Platform to build and deploy collaborative analytic and reporting solutions. NovaView BI Platform with Reporting Services support will also let companies access and analyze data, then create reports. NovaView BI Platform complements Reporting Services with such analysis capabilities as drilling, filtering, pivoting, and changing hierarchies and lets you use user-defined measures and exceptions. For pricing, contact Panorama Software at


Recompile and Redistribute Applications

Isotupa Consulting announced ICI Database Editor Tool Kit for Desktop, a solution that lets software developers and systems integrators edit large and changing databases. Large organizations such as energy companies or municipalities have to continuously and quickly change their databases as their data needs grow, but at the same time, they use multiple applications that share data. Developers can use ICI Database Editor to build such applications quickly. For changed or new database structures, the software doesn't require coding, compiling, or deployment; instead, you can make changes at the server. You can use the software to enable applications to build data-editing forms at runtime and to base those forms on customizable configuration data. You can embed the module in your application and access data before, after, and during editing. And you can define callback functions so that you can manipulate data based on user input.

ICI Database Editor Tool Kit supports SQL Server, Oracle, OLE DB, and ADO.NET databases. You can purchase a limited enterprise license, which includes unlimited developer seats for one development location, for $1450. For other pricing or product information, contact Isotupa Consulting at 519-569-8366 or


Take Inventory of Your Hardware and Software

iInventory announced iInventory 6.0, hardware- and software-auditing software that lets users create reports and determine hardware and software changes between audits. The latest release lets you select SQL Server for the iInventory database format. Other features of the new release include a new Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) agent that provides improved collection of BIOS, processor, OS, monitor, keyboard, sound and video card, pointing device, page file, and memory information. The software also includes an improved changes and exceptions feature and improved support for Macintosh auditing. For pricing, contact iInventory at 866-482-8348, [email protected], or

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