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New Products, August 2003


Collect Configuration Data

Ecora Software announced a Citrix module for its Enterprise Auditor 3.0 suite, a component of Ecora's Total Configuration Management (TCM) solution. The Citrix module lets users collect configuration data from Citrix MetaFrame servers across the enterprise. The Enterprise Auditor Suite collects configuration data from applications and OSs including SQL Server, Windows, UNIX, Linux, Novell NetWare, Microsoft Exchange, IIS, and Active Directory (AD) to create a repository for auditing, reporting, disaster recovery, change identification, and tracking. The Citrix module lets you run reports on Citrix service-pack levels. The Citrix module for Enterprise Auditor 3.0 starts at $390 per server. Contact Ecora Software at 603-436-1616, 877-923-2672, or

Access All Red Gate Software APIs

Red Gate Software announced the SQL Comparison and Synchronization Toolkit, which gives you access to all the APIs in Red Gate's database comparison and synchronization tools. The toolkit lets you automate SQL comparison and synchronization tasks. You can set tasks to happen at intervals that you choose, verify and achieve replication across multiple databases, and automate migration processes within your development environment. The SQL Comparison and Synchronization Toolkit comprises API access, a license to use the functionality of SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare, documentation and sample projects, consultancy to write Visual Basic (VB) scripts to make the toolkit work in your environment, a single-user license for Red Gate SQL Bundle, and 1 year of support. The toolkit supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing starts at $2950. Contact Red Gate Software at 866-733-4283, [email protected], or

Avoid Programming When Accessing Databases

WhiteTown Software announced CDBF for Windows, a database tool that lets you access databases directly through the Windows interface and avoid scripting. CDBF for Windows doesn't separate the viewing and editing modes, so when you're viewing a table, you can click any field you want to modify and make all necessary changes. The program lets you export the database tables to SQL Server script files, text files, and Microsoft Excel files. Developers can add new functionality by putting their .dll files into the CDBF folder. Other CDBF features include the ability to sort and filter records, edit memo fields, and print database tables and a search-and-replace capability. CDBF for Windows costs $35. Contact WhiteTown Software at [email protected] or


Test Your GUI Applications

Original Software announced TestGUI 3.1, software that provides regression-testing capabilities for user-acceptance and Quality Assurance (QA) testers who are testing GUI applications on SQL Server platforms. The interface eliminates the need for you to learn a scripting language to test your SQL Server-based applications. TestGUI captures and analyzes individual screen components and related actions. Tri Sense technology lets TestGUI identify and interrogate Microsoft standard objects by using class rules, Microsoft Active Accessibility objects and controls by using the IAccessible interface, and Microsoft COM and ActiveX objects by using COM rules. TestGUI 3.1 costs $4500 per concurrent user. Contact Original Software at [email protected] or


Protect Your Database from Stack-Based Buffer- Overflow Attacks

SecureWave announced SecureStack 3.0 Microsoft SQL Server Edition, software that protects SQL Server from stack-based buffer-overflow attacks. SecureStack ensures that intruders can't execute data stored in memory by overflowing the stack. Once you install the software, your system is protected against all stack-based buffer overflows, regardless of whether you know the cause. SecureStack isn't based on attack signatures and doesn't require an update to protect you from future buffer overflows. SecureStack 3.0 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Contact SecureWave at 703-724-1032 or


Localize Windows and .NET

SDL Desktop Products announced SDLinsight 2003, software that lets you customize Windows and .NET applications for different countries by using either a source-file or binary-based localization process. The software features SQL Server support, full VBScript support for process automation and integration, a Binary Chop feature that automates the process of locating strings that have localization problems, and .NET localization support. SDLinsight uses the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE) as its default database for storing and reusing translations and localized data. The software also uses SQL Server's database-administration capabilities for backup and recovery. SDLinsight 2003 is available in a Professional Edition for $1495 or a Translator Edition for $295. Contact SDL Desktop Products at [email protected] or


Write Database Applications

Murach announced Murach's VB.NET Database Programming with ADO.NET, a book by Anne Prince and Doug Lowe. The book helps Windows and Web developers understand typed and untyped data sets, bound and unbound controls, data views, parameterized queries, relationships, data commands, schema, database classes, data controls for Web applications, XML, and Crystal Decisions' Crystal Reports. The 585-page book costs $49.50. Contact Murach at 559-440-9071, 800-221-5528, or


Power Your Database

Unisys announced the ES7000/560, an enterprise server that combines PCI-blade appliances, application servers, and database servers in one box. The server's integrated design lets you quickly deploy a data center. The part of the ES7000/560 that's based on the 64-bit Itanium 2 processor and the Intel E8870 chipset features increased performance, speed, and memory for powering databases and business intelligence (BI) applications. The 32-bit Xeon-processor—based side is for running crucial applications. You can insert as many as 42 single-processor PCI-blade appliances into the server to run edge-of-network applications. The ES7000/560 uses Sentinel self-management technologies to monitor activity between the 32- and 64-bit partitions, the PCI-blade appliances, and virtual-server partitions. Sentinel also provides cluster-verifying and predictive-failover capabilities to improve system availability between partitions within the server. Pricing for the Unisys ES7000/560 server starts at $250,000. Contact Unisys at 800-874-8647, extension 731, or

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