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New Products, August 2002


Scan Documents to SQL Server

Executive Technologies announced SearchExpress/SQL Document Imaging, software that lets you scan documents to your SQL Server database and lets you retrieve documents in order of relevance. You can also use optical character recognition (OCR) for scanning, or you can use metadata to describe documents. You use your browser to search and display the scanned documents. You can scan documents in black and white or color and store documents in TIFF or PDF format inside your SQL Server database.

SearchExpress/SQL Document Imaging supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, and pricing starts at $5995. Contact Executive Technologies at 205-933-5494 or


Organize Existing Scripts

Red Diamond Software announced DBA Toolkit 2.0, a collection of tools that make using SQL Server easier. The toolkit contains JobStyles, JobScheduler, and DataScripter. The JobStyles feature lets you categorize your data and apply appropriate backups based on data importance. You can back up more crucial data more often. JobScheduler's graphical calendar view lets you look at all of your scheduled tasks so that you can filter by server, database, task type or specific job. You can also color-code your tasks. To move data from a development to a production environment, DataScripter creates SQL INSERT statements from your data, including or excluding identity fields. Enhancements include more predefined backup styles, a calendar view of job schedules, and templates for repeated data scripting to multiple formats. The new ScriptLibrary feature lets you organize existing scripts and store procedures in user-defined categories. You can see related scripts whether they're local, on the network, or online.

DBA Toolkit 2.0 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing is $125 per server with unlimited clients. Contact Red Diamond Software at 303-229-5258 or

Perform Light-Duty Server Management

TechRev announced SQL Server Web Explorer (SSWE), software that lets you perform light-duty management of SQL Server 2000 database servers. The software lets multiple users create databases; create, modify, and delete tables, fields, and views; and view and add data. The software complements Enterprise Manager. SSWE can run on UNIX and Windows platforms because the application is written in Java Server Pages (JSP) and Java and uses type 4 Java Database Connectivity (JDBC).

SSWE costs $49.95 for one Web user and $299.95 for unlimited Web users. Contact TechRev at [email protected] or


Automate the Documentation Process

Innovasys announced Document!X, software that automates the process of creating and maintaining documentation for Microsoft .NET assemblies, Visual Basic (VB) and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) source code, databases, and compiled COM components. The software helps developers by providing an accurate and up-to-date reference so that they can concentrate on coding rather than on producing and maintaining documentation. Document!X can extract existing descriptions from SQL Server tables and columns. You can also extract comments from SQL Server stored procedures, views, and triggers so that DBAs and developers can contribute to the documentation process during development.

Document!X costs $357.52 and supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Contact Innovasys at [email protected] or

Compare and Synchronize Databases

Red Gate Software announced SQL Compare 2.0.1, software that compares and synchronizes SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 database structures and contents. The new release supports data-type changes, dependencies, and SQL Server's views, triggers, and index features. SQL Compare replaces the complex scripting, comparison, and synchronization process. After you make database changes, the software graphically displays the differences between the development and production databases and creates a script to migrate from one to the other.

SQL Compare costs $195 as a standalone product or is available as part of a $290 bundled package that includes the SQL Data Compare and Compare products. Contact Red Gate Software at 866-498-9946 or

Automatically Generate VB Code

MIDAR announced the Multi-Tier Code Generator, software that examines your database and automatically creates three complete Visual Basic (VB) projects for presentation, business logic, and database tiers. The software automatically generates SQL Server scripts to interface with the VB data tier. The generated VB code uses COM interfaces. In a typical scenario, you provide an existing SQL Server database and submit your request for code generation, and the Multi-Tier Code Generator examines the database's tables, extracts the necessary information, and generates the code for you.

The software supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 and costs $31 per month. The software requires Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition. Contact MIDAR at [email protected] or


Perform Vulnerability Assessments

Application Security announced AppDetective for SQL Server, a network-based penetration testing and vulnerability-assessment scanner that locates and assesses the security of your network's database and groupware applications. The software provides nonintrusive database attack simulations and agentless security audits. The product includes automated inventory capability, information-gathering capability, and analysis features. The software can pinpoint version numbers, patches, hotfixes, and other database information for security analysis. The reporting features communicate database vulnerabilities and security holes to users across your organization.

AppDetective for SQL Server supports SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.x. For pricing, contact Application Security at 212-490-6022, 866-927-7732, or

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