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New Products - 27 Jun 2008

Data Scripting and Exporting
Export and Script Data in T-SQL

Thomas Smyczek has announced SQL Scripter 1.92, the latest version of his scripting utility for SQL Server that lets DBAs script their data in T-SQL format. SQL Scripter offers scripting options for a variety of data types, including binary, image, and varbinary. Version 1.92 fixes an identify-insert-value bug and adds support for scripting ntext fields (with more than 4,000 characters) and text fields (with more than 8,000 characters). To run SQL Scripter 1.92, Microsoft .NET Framework (2.0 or later) needs to be installed on your system. SQL Scripter 1.92 is free; you can download it at

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Reporting Services
Streamline Creation of SSAS OLAP Reports

Simplifying the task of creating SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) OLAP Reports using SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS) is the focus of Intelligencia Query for BIDS, a new product from iT-Workplace. According to the vendor, the product includes a query builder and a custom data extension that lets DBAs render MDX queries without being limited by constraints imposed by SSRS. Pricing for Intelligencia Query for BIDS starts at $169 per developer and $694 per SSRS instance. For more information, contact iT-Workplace at [email protected] or visit

Application Development
Generate .NET-Compatible Reports

Data-analysis tool vendor Data Dynamics announced that its Data Dynamics Reports and ActiveReports for .NET products now take advantage of the integration features in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. This improved integration gives Visual Studio 2008 developers a familiar work environment and a consistent report-design interface. For more information about the Visual Studio 2008 support in ActiveReports for .NET and Data Dynamics Reports, contact Data Dynamics at 614-895-3142 or visit

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Database Development
Enforce Best Practices

Ensuring that database development meets predefined standards is the focus of ApexSQL Enforce 2008, a new SQL Server utility that helps enforce best practices in database development. According to the vendor, ApexSQL, DBAs can use the product to identify database-design problems early in development, reinforce adherence to development best practices and standards, and optimize databases for portability to non–SQL Server platforms. Pricing for ApexSQL Enforce 2008 starts at $499 per server. For more information, contact ApexSQL at 919-968-8444 or 866-665-5500 or visit

SQL Server Management
Manage SSRS with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

AVIcode has announced AVIcode Reporting Services Management Pack, an add-on for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 that monitors and troubleshoots SSRS problems. According to AVIcode, this new management pack can monitor and detect a variety of issues and system failures within SSRS, including faulty SQL statements, performance bottlenecks, and data inconsistencies. Pricing for AVIcode Reporting Services Management Pack starts at $3,995 per server. For more information, contact AVIcode at 443-543-0030 or visit

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