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New Products - 25 Jan 2008

Database Management

Compare and Synchronize Database Schema and Data Sets
TulaSoft has unveiled SQL Examiner Suite 2008, a database product that includes two tools for SQL Server admins and developers. SQL Data Examiner 2008 is a comparison tool that can compare and synchronize data sets between Microsoft Access, Oracle and SQL Server (2008, 2005, 2000, and 7.0) databases. The second tool is SQL Examiner 2008, an application that compares database schema types between SQL Server databases. Pricing for SQL Examiner Suite 2008 starts at $299. For more information, contact TulaSoft at [email protected] or visit
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SharePoint Tools

Simplify the Display of Complex Information
Dundas has announced Dundas Chart for SharePoint 1.5 and Dundas Gauge for SharePoint 1.5. Dundas Chart for SharePoint 1.5 introduces the ability to provide data to other SharePoint Web parts, and to apply complex statistical and financial formulas using the SharePoint UI. Dundas Gauge for SharePoint 1.5 allows complex SharePoint information—which may not be suitable for use with conventional charts and graphs—to be displayed with gauges and dials. Both products are available now, and pricing for each begins at $1,999 per CPU. For more information, contact Dundas at 416-467-5100 or visit
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Database Backup

SQL Server Backup and Recovery
Acronis has released Acronis Recovery for SQL Server, a backup and recovery program for SQL Server. This new product allows DBAs to backup and recover databases, tables, logs and data types. A management console includes wizards that simplify the creation of disaster recovery plans, and the software can backup database images offsite via FTP. Acronis also claims that the new software can create backup images that are 90 percent smaller than the original database. Pricing for Acronis Recovery for SQL Server begins at $499 per server. For more information, contact Acronis at 781-222-0920 or visit
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GIS Mapping

Support for SQL Server 2008 Spatial Enhancements
ISC has announced the release of MapDotNet Server 6.5, an update that introduces support for the new spatial enhancements being introduced in SQL Server 2008. MapDotNet Server is a GIS platform (based on .NET) that works with SQL Server 2008 and Microsoft Virtual Earth to allow DBAs to create, analyze and display spatial data. MapDotNet Server 6.5 is $1,000 per license. For more information, contact ISC at 850-893-6741 or visit

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