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New Products - 01 May 1999

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Browser-Based Incident Management
Elsinore Technologies announced Visual Intercept Web, a browser-based interface to the Visual Intercept Incident Management System, which you can use to manage incidents in the software development process. Users can submit incident reports and check incident progress at one URL. Also, Visual Intercept Web lets remote developers submit incidents, check incidents, and query the defect database. This three-tiered, scalable, defect tracking system works with Microsoft development tools. Visual Intercept Web features two preconfigured interfaces (one for customers and one for developers), basic feature customization, and an online query builder for searching incidents.

Per-server pricing for Visual Intercept Web is $3999 (U.S.) and $4999 (international). Per-seat developer interface licenses are $299 (U.S.) and $349 (international). Contact Elsinore Technologies, 800-364-5467, Or go to and enter reader service number 5000.


New Functionality Supports SQL Server 7.0
IPNet Solutions released IPNet.Suite 2.2, a business-to-business e-commerce solution that's part of a suite of e-commerce management tools. IPNet.Suite 2.2 supports SQL Server 7.0's scalability and data warehousing capabilities for value-added e-commerce. IPNet.Suite 2.2 provides a simple migratory path from legacy systems to advanced e-commerce systems, implements without business interruption, and uses a familiar Windows GUI.

IPNet.Suite 2.2 costs $15,000 plus individual license fees of $500 to $1000 (depending on the volume) for each trading partner. Contact IPNet Solutions, 949-476-4455, Or go to and enter reader service number 5001.


Enterprisewide OLAP Capabilities
PowerPlan announced PowerPlan 4.0, a financial application that leverages OLAP capabilities supported by SQL Server 7.0. You can use PowerPlan 4.0 for enterprisewide budgeting, forecasting, variance reporting, performance management, and multidimensional analysis. It supports OLAP data service capabilities, which increases consolidation speeds. PowerPlan is a drag-and-drop configuration and has setup functions to let users create customized charts of accounts without programming.

Prices for Windows systems start at $11,600 for three users. Contact PowerPlan, 714-969-5353, Or go to www.sqlmag .com/sqldirect and enter reader service number 5002.

High-Volume OLTP for Retail Banking
Prologic announced Ovation, an integrated core retail banking system that delivers high-volume, mission-critical OLTP capability to the financial services industry. Ovation provides a suite of processing options for database backups, periodic financial processing, and batch and general ledger processing and reporting. It also extracts data to populate a companion data mart. Ovation works with Windows NT, SQL Server, and Internet Information Server (IIS).

Contact Prologic, 604-278-6470, www.PrologicCorp .com. Or go to and enter reader service number 5003.

Accounting for Small Businesses
AccountMate announced Visual AccountMate SQL/DBL (VAM SQL/DBL), a client/server product. VAM SQL/DBL targets small businesses and includes the features and functionality of Visual AccountMate/SQL Enterprise for midsize to large businesses. VAM SQL/DBL has a 2GB-database, 11 concurrent-user limit, and it warns users when the VAM database hits this limit.

Pricing for a small business is $995 after purchasing System Manager. Contact AccountMate, 800-877-8896, Or go to and enter reader service number 5004.


Next-Generation Document Management
PC DOCS/Fulcrum announced support for SQL Server 7.0 in its next-generation document management and knowledge management products, DOCSFusion, DOCSFulcrum and DOCSOpen. DOCSFusion is an engine with three-tier architecture that lets users access, analyze, and act on internal or external information from any location or platform. DOCSFulcrum provides knowledge-retrieval and analysis capabilities so users can access corporate information repositories and the Web for decision-making. DOCSOpen is a client/server product that lets users store, locate, and manage information on various platforms and networks, regardless of location.

Contact PC DOCS/Fulcrum, 416-497-7700, www.pcdocs .com. Or go to and enter reader service number 5005.


Integrated Access and ODBO Support
arcplan announced inSight 2.35, a decision support tool that supports SQL Server OLAP Services. inSight 2.35 supports OLE DB for OLAP (ODBO) and integrates with SQL Server data storage. inSight 2.35 supports multidimensional (MOLAP), relational (ROLAP), and hybrid OLAP (HOLAP) implementations and lets you choose a data model that suits your application. The product supports read and write capabilities, immediate access to hierarchical information, member properties, and dynamic generation of multidimensional expression (MDX) statements. inSight 2.35 lets users slice, dice, drill down, drill up, and drill through data sources.

inSight Small Business Edition is $6000 for one developer and five users. The Standard Basic Package is $21,000 for five developers and 20 users. Contact arcplan, 610-902-0688, Or go to www.sqlmag .com/sqldirect and enter reader service number 5006.


Smarter Conversion
ManTech Systems Solutions announced SQL Conversion Workbench, a database conversion tool that incorporates upgrades to Informix, Sybase, and SQL Server. SQL Conversion Workbench includes enhancements to take advantage of the latest IBM DB2 Universal Database 5.2. The conversion assistant automates code reengineering and database conversion.

SQL Conversion Workbench pricing varies depending on the user's environment and application. Contact ManTech, 877-462-6773, Or go to and enter reader service number 5007.

Extended Reporting and Analysis Capabilities
Sterling Software announced VISION:Dimensions 3.0, online analysis and reporting software supporting SQL Server 7.0, IBM DB2 OLAP Server, Hyperion Essbase Oracle Express Server 5 and 6, and Oracle Personal Express 5.0. For organizations that use SQL Server 7.0, VISION:Dimensions provides additional online analysis and reporting capabilities for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, and NT users. VISION:Dimensions lets users query multidimensional databases, zoom in on data details, and drill down from aggregate values to individual records. VISION:Dimensions also provides a graphing engine for 3-D charts and a report writer that lets users manipulate data in a design window and uses intelligent data objects.

Contact Sterling Software, 800-533-5128, www.sterling .com. Or go and enter reader service number 5008.


Supply-Chain Application
Silvon Software announced Sales Tracker/eNT, the first in a series of prebuilt business intelligence applications for supply-chain organizations. The data mart application integrates data extraction, data model development, and business-rule processing with flexible end-user access. Sales Tracker/eNT lets users generate information on, for example, sales performance by geography or by individual representative.

Sales Tracker/eNT is $16,500 for a five-user license. Contact Silvon Software, 800-874-5866, Or go to and enter reader service number 5009.

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