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New Products - 01 Jun 1999


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Enterprise-Class Storage
Artecon announced LynxArray II Series 300, an open-system, enterprise-class storage solution for Windows NT and other operating systems. You can use LynxArray II Series 300 for computing environments such as database servers, OLTP, enterprise resource planning (ERP), and Web hosting. Failover controllers support RAID levels 0, 1, 0+1, 3, and 5; and it features two independent Ultra Wide Differential SCSI-3 or Ultra2 LVC SCSI-3 host buses, and supports up to five drive channels.

Pricing starts at $25,600 per system. Contact Artecon 800-872-2783, Or go to and enter reader service number 5000.

Load Balancing
EMC announced PowerPath for enterprise storage networks. PowerPath provides load balancing that automatically distributes data traffic across all data paths and path failover capability for Windows NT cluster environments.

Server-based pricing for a Windows NT enterprise is $16,500. Contact 800-445-2588, Or go to and enter reader service number 5001.


24 X 7 Data Protection
Seagate Software announced Open File Option for Seagate Backup Exec for Windows NT. Open File Option provides uninterrupted data protection for network environments that require 24 X 7 accessibility. Also, Open File Options provides integrated protection of active email, database, or other critical data files, even while users are entering or changing information.

Open File Option costs $695. Contact Seagate at 800-327-2232, Or go to and enter reader service number 5002.


I/O Database Accelerator Software
Cutting Edge announced RAIDStor-HD/HA for RDBMS, OLTP, Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows NT environments. RAIDStor-HD/HA accommodates multiple RAID levels and has an embedded I/O database accelerator software—Database RAID—which provides data placement, allows for segregation of indices from tablespaces, and conforms to tune parameters for best performance.

Pricing varies per configuration. A platform-independent configuration with a DatabaseRAID 36GB, single controller, 123MB cache Ultra2 SCSI connect, LVD drives and backplane, expandable to 288GB, is $12,900. Contact Cutting Edge at 800-257-1666, www.cuttedge .com/raidindex.htm. Or go to sqldirect and enter reader service number 5003.

Increased Capacity
Procom Technology announced NetFORCE 2000/ 2200, a scalable data server solution for file sharing between UNIX and Windows environments with a RAID storage subsystem. The data-centric design of NetFORCE 2000/2200 generates up to 3600 i/ops with sub-10msec access times, and its storage-centric operating system and 64-bit journaling file system support dynamic file system growth and migration among volumes.

Pricing for NetFORCE 2000/2200 starts at $35,000. Contact Procom at 949-794-4620, Or go to and enter reader service number 5004.


Real-Time Backups
BMC released SQL-BackTrack, an enterprisewide backup and recovery system for SQL Server that features hot or real-time backups. SQL-Back-Track includes full and incremental backup, object extraction, compression, and remote administration capability.

SQL-BackTrack pricing starts at $1595. Contact BMC at 800-841-2031 or Or go to and enter reader service number 5005.

Comprehensive Failover
Vinca announced Co-StandbyServer for Windows NT 4.1 with Advanced Application Modules, which are specifically designed for comprehensive failover for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server. Co-StandbyServer, a recovery and monitoring system, monitors NT applications and services, automatically restarts applications by using Service Monitor, and invokes a server switchover if necessary.

Co-Standby-Server for Windows NT 4.1 costs $5,499, which includes one year of 24 X 7 support and software maintenance at no additional charge. Contact Vinca, 800-934-9530, Or go to and enter reader service number 5006.


Control and Configure Remotely
Overland Data announced MinilibraryXpress, a DLTtape backup system for 50GB to 200GB disk capacity servers or networks of servers, an upgradeable dual-drive-capable library and a robotics design. MinilibraryXpress can be used with Overland's Web-TLS technology, which allows a central administrator to remotely configure, monitor, and control the library.

Pricing starts at $10,495 for configuration with a DLT4000. Contact Overland Data, 800-729-8725, Or go to and enter reader service number 5007.

Fast Random Search
StorageTek announced the 9840 tape drive, which spans MVS, UNIX, and Windows NT environments. The 9840's average random search completes in 8 seconds compared to the industry average of 30 to 60 seconds. Its enhanced LZ-1 compression technology significantly boosts native 20GB capacity.

Pricing for the 9840 is $27,400 for the Ultra-SCSI and $34,400 for ESCON. Contact StorageTek at 800-786-7835, Or go to and enter reader service number 5008.

ATI Tape Libraries
StraightLine announced Harrier Series AIT tape libraries. The three new models in the Harrier Series feature SoftDrive robotics and Sony's AIT-2 tape drive technology for capacities of up to 15TB and a 432GB per hour data transfer rate. With standard Ethernet connectivity, its virtual console allows library monitoring and control across the Internet. The series includes the Harrier 830 (30 tapes, 1 to 3 drives), the Harrier 850 (50 tapes, 1 to 5 drives) and the Harrier 8150 (150 tapes, 1 to 10 drives).

Pricing starts at $13,995. Contact StraightLine at 800-458-1273, Or go to and enter reader service number 5009.

Large Capacity Storage
Tandberg Data announced Tandberg DLT7000 and DLT4000 tape drives with 70GB and 40GB capacity. Tandberg DLT7000 and DLT4000 are based on the DLTtape platform and are designed for mainframe environments, midrange computer network servers, and high-end workstations. Both are available as internal and external drive kits and as complete data storage subsystem solutions.

Pricing for a DLT4000 starts at $2599 and for a DLT7000, $6233. Contact Tandberg Data at 800-826-3237, Or go to and enter reader service number 5010.

Dual Tape-Drive Solution
Transitional Technology announced the 2300 storage system dual DLTtape-drive solution, designed with 70GB of storage capacity and a native transfer rate of 5MB per second per drive. The 2300 offers data compression and data compaction, support of variable block sizes without capacity loss, and a cache buffer that optimizes operation based on host data rate capabilities.

Pricing starts at $9632. Contact Transitional Technology, 800-437-4884, Or go to and enter reader service number 5011.

Improved Retrieval Time
ULTRABAC.COM released UltraBac 5.02 Back up and Disaster Recovery Software with Express Index, an index file on disk that contains key information about a file's location on tape. Express Index improves restore operation retrieval time for DLT and QIC multitrack technology tape drives. Express Index's design reduces media and drive-head wear and tear.

Prices for Express Index start at $495 for the single-server edition. Contact ULTRABAC.COM at 425-644-6000, Or go to sqldirect and enter reader service number 5012.

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