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New Online Support Services from Microsoft

Check out the new interview in the Microsoft TechNet Talks with SQL Server Insider Kalen Delaney, who designs and leads SQL Server workshops for Microsoft, corporate clients, and independent technical training centers. She’s also a contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine. This interview covers SQL Server locking, indexing, the SQL Profiler tool, transaction logs, and Data Transformation Services (DTS).

Also, you can now download the presentation for SQL Server 7.0 Full-Text Search and Basic Troubleshooting Methods, a Microsoft Support WebCast that aired November 2, 1999. John Kane, a professional in Microsoft’s SQL Server Support organization, covers real-world applications for full-text search, installation, and examples.

New Microsoft SQL Server Knowledge Base Articles

Q237703 BUG: Permissions Not Changed Correctly Using SQL Enterprise Manager

SQL Enterprise manager might set a permission to REVOKE instead of the intended permission of DENY when you cycle through the table permissions in the Object Properties dialog box and use the Apply button to set the permission. This article describes a workaround.
SQL Server 7.0
Q243428 INF: Moving Extended Stored Procedures Out of Process

A poorly written extended stored procedure can cause many unpredictable problems within SQL Server because it runs within the address space of SQL Server and can access any memory allocated to the process. This article shows you how to work around these problems.
SQL Server 6.0, 6.5, 7.0

Recently Modified Microsoft SQL Server Knowledge Base Articles

Q241544 DB_E_CANCELLED Causes Access Violation in ADO MDAC
Q236044 FIX: Java OLE DB Simple Provider Crashes in Recordset.Delete() MDAC
Q238239 INFO: List of Files Installed by MDAC 2.1 SP 2 MDAC
Q202124 HOWTO: Manually Uninstall Microsoft Message Queue Server MSMQ
Q239099 Microsoft ODBC Driver for Oracle Truncates Error Messages ODBC
Q242170 CG5: Tool To Recover Lost User-Created Categories OLE Apps
Q236583 BUG: Microsoft Oracle Provider Leaks Memory Through ICommandText OLE DB
Q242260 INFO: Cannot Use OSP Data Providers with SQL DTS OLE DB
Q236848 SAMPLE Shows Use of OLE DB Provider for Jet IIdle Interface OLE DB
Q240103 BUG: Changing Partition's Fact Table Changes Column Name SQL Server
Q241761 BUG: DTS Transfer Not Reporting Err if Text Qualifier is Missing SQL Server
Q237703 BUG: Permissions not Changed Correctly using SQL Enterprise Mgr. SQL Server
Q239074 BUG: Sp_processmail Returns Datatype Error Message SQL Server
Q239725 BUG: SQL Server Err "Specified column precision 38 is ..." SQL Server
Q241351 FIX: Problems in Managing OLAP Cube Roles on French Versions SQL Server
Q240858 FIX: sp_statistics May Return Incorrect Results SQL Server
Q240715 How to Install SQL 7.0 Desktop Edition on SBS 4.5 Clients SQL Server
Q241397 HOWTO: Back Up an MSDE Database with T-SQL SQL Server
Q220163 PRB: DTS Does not Copy Identity, Indexes, or Other Constraints SQL Server
Q156688 FIX: Passing Arguments in Custom Interface Causes AV Transaction Server
Q151245 FIX: Readme for Sample Applications Bank Server Incomplete Transaction Server
Q170831 INF: Proxy-Stubs for Custom Interfaces Must Include Mtxih.lib Transaction Server
Q241728 PRB: Using 2-Digit Years w/ IsDate May Produce Unexpected Result Visual Basic
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