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New & Improved - 24 May 2005

IntelliPolicy for Clients,
617-457-8100, 800-653-1783

FullArmor released IntelliPolicy for Clients, software that extends the capability of Active Directory (AD) and Group Policy to let enterprises centrally manage security, administration, and configuration. The software lets you enhance your internal security controls while centralizing and simplifying desktop configuration and management. You can use "intelligent" Group Policy extensions to unlock the potential of AD and Group Policy infrastructures.

IntelliPolicy for Clients concentrates on administrators' top three operational concerns: better security, easier availability for mobile workers, and better internal efficiency. The solution eliminates vulnerabilities that arise when end users modify standard configurations at the desktop. The software can disable specific hardware such as CD-ROMs and USB storage devices. For mobile users, IntelliPolicy for Clients automatically gives them access to relevant authorized resources at any location on the network as soon as they log on. The software also lets you define, configure, deploy, and manage new Group Policies, apply them across the board, and accommodate local exceptions without having to write and maintain complex scripts.

"Group Policy provides a powerful infrastructure for centrally managing and enforcing security, administrative, and configuration settings, but customers told us it lacks the intelligence and granular controls they need to maximize its potential," Danny Kim, CTO for FullArmor, said. "With this in mind, we designed IntelliPolicy for Clients to pick up where native Group Policy leaves off. So we created additional Group Policy settings such as disabling USB ports and added intelligence that enables Group Policy to dynamically adjust desktop configurations based on where a user logs onto the network. Finally, we wanted to make our product intuitive and easy to use, so we integrated the UI directly into the Microsoft Group Policy Management Console."

Pricing for IntelliPolicy for Clients starts at $7 per managed machine.

Manage Your Messaging Environment
Azaleos released Azaleos OneServer and OneStop Managed Service, a comprehensive managed-messaging offering for users running Microsoft Exchange Server. OneServer integrates key Exchange and Active Directory (AD) interfaces into a set of comprehensive .NET Web Services. The Web Administration Console manages email, and the OneStop subscription service handles all appliance updates, including required firmware and software patches. For pricing, contact Azaleos., 425-996-0539, [email protected]

Create Multiple Virtual Desktops
ManageBytes Software released ManageDesk 2.3, a virtual-desktop manager that lets Windows users create and switch between virtual desktops. Each virtual desktop has its own settings, icons, shortcuts, file folders, and screen-resolution settings. ManageDesk lets you easily switch between virtual desktops by using a TaskTray icon menu or a hot-key combination. Pricing is $35.95 for as many as four licenses. Volume discounts apply., [email protected]

SMBs: Integrate a Complete IT Solution
Spiderhost released the IT-in-a-Box, a product for small and midsized businesses (SMBs) that provides a wireless Access Point (AP), file sharing, a router, a firewall, FTP server, a Web server, an email server with Webmail, multiple domain support, and VPN services in a small box. The box also integrates a customer relationship management (CRM) solution and an antispam and spyware removal tool. You don't pay any licensing feels for the applications inside the box. Pricing starts at $99 per month. You can lease the services in 12-, 24-, and 36-month increments., 407-444-2760, 866-774-3374

Automate IT Tasks
Network Automation released AutoMate 6.0, software that lets you automate complex tasks without writing any code. The new Event Database lets you quickly locate, sort, and filter task success/fail information. The new release also features Microsoft Excel integration. Remote task execution lets you execute a task on a remote machine by specifying the host name or IP address of the machine and the password. AutoMate Professional 6.0 costs $795 for one machine. AutoMate Enterprise 6.0 costs $2495 for one machine., 213-738-1700, 888-786-4796

Accurately Analyze Full-Duplex Gigabit Networks
Network Instruments released network Test Access Ports (nTAPs), hardware components that guarantee high-volume data transfer to monitoring and analysis devices without compromising link performance. You install nTAPs between a switch and a network device to provide a copy of the full-duplex data stream to an analysis appliance. You can purchase nTAPs in a variety of options for copper and optical fiber connections. Pricing starts at $395., 952-932-9899, 800-526-7919

Speed Up PC Performance
Rose City Software released Registry First Aid 4.0, a registry error-detection and repair tool that helps speed up PC performance and helps to avoid many common causes of Windows crashes and other registry-related problems. The software can display problems by safety level after detection. Registry First Aid 4.0 runs on Windows 2003/XP/2000/NT/Me/98 systems. Pricing is $27.95., [email protected]

Enhance NTFS
ScriptLogic released ScriptLogic Cloak, software that enhances NTFS by providing increased security, more accurate audits, and a streamlined experience for network users. After you install Cloak, users will only see the files and folders that they have permission to access. Users will no longer receive Access Denied messages, and their directory trees will be less cluttered. Cloak is licensed per server. Contact ScriptLogic for pricing., 561-886-2400, 800-813-6415

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