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A New Favorite for BI Folks

I’ve done a bit of study about the business intelligence features of SQL Server, which primarily means Analysis Services (AS).  But the most helpful resources that I’ve come across for  AS are put out by Mosha Pasumansky, the lead developer for the Microsoft Analysis Services analytic engine.


Mosha has several great resources that I keep on my must-read list.  First, Mosha has a very nice personal site at  It’s got tons of useful and informative links to white papers, code samples, FAQs, and other goodies. 


In addition to his personal site, Mosha keeps a blog at  I’ve found this blog to be one of the most useful and informative around when it comes to AS.  For example, his article from December 21, 2004, shows how to use MDX to build forecasting functions with linear regression.  Very useful stuff!  And since there’s an RSS feed available (at, you’ll be able to keep up with new postings easily.


What other Analysis Services weblogs have you put on your must-read list?





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