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Navigation Tool Integration Enhances Analysis

Knosys will integrate DWSoft's DWGuide Navigator, a Microsoft Repository navigation tool, into its ProClarity Analytical Platform, allowing Microsoft Repository users to audit information delivered through Knosys analytical tools. To ensure data integrity, those responsible for building analytical data models and those analyzing the data must be able to review number aggregation, understand who performed the aggregations, and visualize the source tables from which the data was pulled. Microsoft Repository provides the information to perform these essential audit tasks, and Knosys ProClarity provides the necessary front-end analytical tools. The integration of DWGuide Navigator into the ProClarity Analytical Platform lets ProClarity users trace a data point through the repository all the way to its origin. "Our customers are looking to take advantage of the value inherent in the Microsoft Repository by quickly auditing the data as delivered through ProClarity. With a simple mouse click, the results of any OLAP query can be traced back to the source data, eliminating many hours from the data audit process," says Clay Young, Knosys marketing vice president.

TAGS: SQL Server
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