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More XML, CLR, XPath, and XQuery Resources

Lubor Kollar, one of the smartest cats on the SQL Server team, is on of my favorite speakers and authors inside of the Microsoft development team.  He always has interesting things to say from a very deep perspective inside the Microsoft team.


His team has posted a new whitepaper on MSDN recently. It showcases combinations of several new SQL Server 2005 features providing an innovative means of catching expensive queries before they are actually executed.


The features in the white paper are:

- XML showplan

- CLR stored procedure

- XPath

- XQuery


I’m still on the fence about whether I like the CLR overall, although there are some certain use cases where CLR is undoubtedly more effective than Transact-SQL.  After reading this white paper, you may better appreciate the CLR and XML enhancements after learning how to use them to your advantage.


The white paper is located at


Let me know what you think.





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