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For More Information About MSCS

One article can't possibly cover everything you need to know about creating clusters with Microsoft Cluster Server (MSCS). If you want more information, you have several options. Windows NT Magazine offers several articles about clustering, including:

  • Brad Cooper, "Installing Microsoft Cluster Server," October 1998
  • Mark Smith, "NT Clustering Solutions Are Here," June 1998
  • Mark Smith, "The Future of NT Clustering," June 1998
  • Richard R. Lee, "MSCS Update," June 1998
  • Brad Cooper, "Planning for Implementing Microsoft Cluster Server," March 1998

You can attend the two-day class "Supporting Microsoft Cluster Server" (course 958), which many local Microsoft Authorized Technical Education Centers (ATECs) offer. For an overview of this course, go to .htm. Or you can download a self-study version of the Supporting Microsoft Cluster Server class from the TechNet CD. Search for Cluster Server Training. However, the TechNet CD lacks three modules:

  • Module 3: Installing Microsoft Cluster Server
  • Module 4: Configuring Groups, Disks, and Network Resources
  • Module 6: Troubleshooting Microsoft Cluster Server
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