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Microsoft Releases SQL Server Health and History Tool

The SQL Server Health and History Tool (SQLH2) lets you collect information from instances of SQL Server, store the information, and run reports against the data to determine how your organization is using SQL Server. SQLH2 collects four main types of information: feature usage (what services and features are installed and running and what the service's workload level is), configuration settings (machine, OS, and SQL Server configuration settings and SQL instance and database metadata), the SQL Server service's uptime, and performance counters (an option that lets you determine performance trends). SQLH2 requires you to create a SQL Server repository database. You should also download the SQLH2 reports to view the data SQLH2 collects. If you're interested in performance data, download and install the SQLH2 Performance Collector. The SQLH2 tool, a deployment guide, fixes to the SQLH2 2.0 version, and the Performance Collector are all available for download at

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