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Microsoft BI Webcast Series

Microsoft has done a fabulous job of educating users about the next release of SQL Server.  They’re doing far better than they’ve ever done in the past and they’re also blowing the competition away in terms of the quality and quantity of educational content.  The SQL Server team is now my gold standard when judging vendor educational contribution to a major product release.  (Way to go, guys!)


If you need to learn more about business intelligence, you should look into the new series of BI webcasts at  You’ll learn all kinds of stuff there, with lessons available in small, downloadable chunks.  For example, you will learn how to use Microsoft SQL Server 2005's single management interface (the SQL Server Management Studio) and new scalability features to manage and deploy your data integration, analytics, and reporting applications. You will discover how to develop SQL Server BI applications using, XML, and the new management object model, and add reporting functionality to any application by embedding Report Controls. By the end of this series, you will be able to manage the evolving BI needs of your organization with the SQL Server 2005 BI platform.


And if you’re having trouble getting a hold of the SQL Server 2005 beta, there’s an added bonus for you.  By attending at least one webcast in the "Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005" series and completing an evaluation, you will receive the latest community technology preview of SQL Server 2005 customer technology preview software on CD.  If you attend at least three webcasts in this Business Intelligence series and submit evaluations for each of them, you will receive a SQL Server 2005 T-shirt.


I hope you take advantage of this great opportunity.




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