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Microsoft and Siebel Systems Team Up

Microsoft and Siebel Systems will deliver SQL Server 7.0 as a core component of Siebel's Web-based front office application products. Siebel Systems will package and ship the SQL Server 7.0 database with its sales, marketing, and customer service applications to nearly 1000 current, worldwide customers running Windows NT and its future customer base. Siebel Systems also will ship its front office applications prepackaged with SQL Server 7.0 and offer an upgrade package to Oracle customers who wish to convert to SQL Server. "The demand for SQL Server from our midmarket and large global customers has dramatically increased,"says Thomas M. Siebel, Siebel Systems chairman and CEO. SQL Server 7.0 offers compelling price, performance, and functionality, and Siebel customers say it exceeds their expectations for easy use, reliability, and scalability, according to Siebel. The alliance allows the companies to use Siebel Systems' sales, marketing, and customer service applications with pre-engineered SQL Server optimization. Microsoft will provide customer service and support. Siebel Systems and Microsoft also created a Joint Technology Solution Center in Redmond, Wash., staffed by Siebel and Microsoft engineers to ensure optimal performance of Siebel products with the Microsoft platform and technologies.

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