Maximal, Pointofsale Join Forces

Maximal Innovative Intelligence and Pointofsale are teaming up to provide an easy-to-use decision support solution for retail management. The solution, which integrates Maximal’s Max Business Intelligence solution into Pointofsale's Host to Post head office-to-stores management package for supermarket and convenience stores, lets managers quickly conduct purchase analysis, retail benchmarking, and trend analysis. Managers can visualize revenue and profit changes by department, store, region, vendor, or time. Wizards also help managers evaluate different retail aspects, such as shelf-space allocations, store and product mix, and areas of irregular performance. "With Max, the data captured by the multiple modules in Pointofsale’s solution is available to nontechnical decision makers at all appropriate points in the retail chain," says Eran Megiddo, Maximal CTO. "This makes Max ideal for the retail environment, where many decisions should be made at the store level even though overall management is implemented from the head office."

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