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Marathon EverRun MX 6.0

Michael Otey for Megan Keller

If you’re looking for affordable and easy-to-implement high availability solutions for SQL Server then you should check out Marathon’s EverRun MX. EverRun MX is a software-based high availability solution. I demoed the EverRun MX solution at this year’s DevProConnections conference in Orlando. EverRun MX is a software based fault tolerant system that enables you to create a highly available environment using from two to four off-the-shelf multi-core servers. Unlike the competing software-based fault tolerant solutions Marathon’s EverRun MX supports multiple servers and multiple processors.  Other solutions on the market are limited are limited to two servers and a single processors. One really cool feature of Marathon’s fault tolerant solution was its ability to withstand simultaneous failures from multiple systems. In the demo marathon showed how a two node fault tolerant cluster provided uninterrupted availability even though one server had a network outage and the second server had a disk outage. In spite of the multiple failures there was no interruption of end user connectivity and services.  You can find out more about Marathon EverRun MX at:

Look for a full review of Marathon EveRun MX in an upcoming issue of SQL Server Magazine.

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