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Lots of New SQL Server Resources at

Microsoft has introduced a great new feature so that you can get RSS feeds for new Knowledge Base (KB) articles for the products you are most interested in.  This used to be a time consuming operation for me to comb through the KB looking for interesting new things relating to SQL Server.  Now you can get them quickly, easily, and filtered to your hearts desire at 


In addition to that, the Microsoft KB has gone through several evolutions in the last couple years.  In all honesty, I was less than delighted with a new interface that Microsoft had put in place about a year ago.  However, if you’re an old-timer like me and prefer the older and more configurable interface of the KB of yesteryear, then take a look at  This site has all of the advantages of the old KB site, plus a few new capabilities of its own such as built-in translations into non-English languages.


If public discussion is a better fit for your informational needs, check out  The TechNet community for SQL Server is a great place to start your information search and lists a number of excellent resources.


Finally, the SQL Server Tech Center on TechNet has added some new navigation options and an improved site design intended to make it easier to browse, such as by specific technology or task.  Check out this great resource at


Is there another on-line resource that you love to use (besides, of course!)?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  Let me know what you think.




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