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Insane Devotion to SQL Server Pros

Still crazy after 100 issues

Back in 1997, Contributing Editor Brian Moran proposed an intriguing idea: "Let's launch a SQL Server magazine to coincide with SQL Server 7.0's launch!" Given Brian's characteristic enthusiasm, how could anyone have resisted his conviction that Microsoft's upcoming release would conquer the enterprise and the database market? Brian knew SQL Server Magazine could be an indispensable tool for database professionals.

Our plan was to find enough advertising partners to allow us to launch the magazine in October 1998, along with Microsoft's launch of SQL Server 7.0. It took a bit longer than expected to find enough launch partners, so we didn't make that October target. But fortunately, it also took Microsoft longer than planned to launch SQL Server 7.0. Serendipitously, we managed to pull off the first issue of SQL Server Magazine in time to coincide with SQL Server 7.0's March 1999 launch—thanks to Michele Crockett, SQL Mag's first managing editor and now director of custom publishing and SQL Server business manager.

Promises, Promises!

Now here we are, celebrating SQL Mag's 100th issue. This is my opportunity to thank you, the readers of this publication, for being the driving force behind every article and continuing to support us over the past eight and a half years. And I want to let you know that we're still accountable to you.

We made four promises in that first issue. I'm proud to report that we've not only kept those promises, but continue to deliver on them. I quote from Mark Smith's introductory publisher's letter, InstantDoc ID 4984:

  • "First, we promise to provide the best SQL Server articles available…"
  • "Second, we promise to be technically accurate and fair…"
  • "Third, we promise to keep you up to speed on the latest developments in the SQL Server market…"
  • "Fourth, we promise to help you get your jobs done…"

The Heroes

Behind those promises are many heroes who take time from their day-jobs to share the lessons they learn in the trenches. Our contributing editors are the sharpest minds in the industry and have helped shape this magazine. Profound thanks go to Itzik BenGan, Brian Lawton, Morris Lewis, Douglas McDowell, Kimberly Tripp, Bill Vaughn, and all of our writers.

In particular, I need to recognize Michael Otey (our award-winning staff technical director), Brian Moran, Kalen Delaney, and Michelle Poolet. Mike and Brian have guided SQL Server Magazine since before its launch. Kalen has been a star columnist since the beginning and contributed greatly to SQL Mag's success. Michelle also wrote for the launch issue and is still one of our most popular columnists. Last, but by no means least, I have to express my pride in and thanks to our incredibly hard-working, outstanding staff editorial team, lead by Diana May.

To the Next 100!

I can't think of a better way to sum up the past and look to the future than to quote from the first issue again: "We are insanely devoted to making this magazine the place to turn when you want to get something done with SQL Server. Thanks for reading!"

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