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The Importance of Pragmatic Marketing

I'm a big fan of Pragmatic Marketing, a company that educates technology managers and product managers on how to market their products.  One thing I really like about the company and their techniques is that it provides 1) a very common-sense approach to technology marketing, and 2) the approach yields high-quality and predictable results when applied consistently. 

Marketing for me, even when I was taking marketing classes required for my business degree, was a sort of black art with very unpredictable inputs and outputs.  As a technologist, I'm sure you can guess that anything so unpredictable was way outside of my comfort zone.  Pragmatic Marketing, on the other hand, takes much of the guesswork out of the process and leads to more highly predictable results and more desirable outcomes.

Perhaps a class with Pragmatic Marketing is outside of your budget, but don't despair.  You can still learn a lot from their series of free webinars, cohosted with Feature Plan.  You can read all about their full sleight of webinars at



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