I'm having trouble installing SQL Server on Win9x

A. Try the following check-list of things that could go wrong - these are specific to Win9x and SQL 7. You may also want to look at the generic install FAQ entry - install.txt.

1. Make sure the machine is of the required spec to run the version of SQL you are installing. I.e. if it is SQL EE then make sure you have NT EE. For SQL 7 you need a 100% Intel pentium compatible chip or an Alpha etc. There is a full-list in another faq entry.

2. You have to install Microsoft Client for Networks via the Network applet in Control Panel. It must also be your primary network logon. Once SQL 7 is installed then it doesn't need to be your Primary Network Logon.

3. If you are upgrading make sure that the default database for the "sa" login is master.

4. If the problem is to do with ODBC files not installing, then check that nothing has the ODBC files open. It could also be that the ODBC files on your hard-drive have been marked as read-only. Check with ATTRIB.EXE or explorer to see if this is the case.

5. If you have Quicken Download Manager installed then disable it - this runs as a driver and interferes with the install process.

6. Check the *.OUT files in the <sql>\install directory for clues as to what is going on.

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