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I'm doing a transfer using the SQL EM transfer tool, and not only is it not transferring the objects.

A. If you find objects are being dropped from the source this is a known bug that is caused when the server you are connecting to has a period in the name. Typically this is because you are referring to it by tcp-ip address.

What happens is that SQL sees the period and does a local named-pipe connect - which it should do if the name consists of just a period, but not when it contains a period - this means that SQL connects to the local machine as the target. As most people have checked the "drop objects first" box it then proceeds to drop all the objects concerned from what it thinks is the target machine - which is unfortunately the local (source) machine.

To prevent this problem do not refer to your SQL Server's by IP address. Either :-

  1. Put an entry for the name/address in your NT HOSTS file - %systemroot%\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\ETC\HOSTS.
  2. Use SQL Client Config Manager to define a named connection for the Server in question. In the advanced properties put the server's IP address as well as the net-lib dll needed to connect.
    Then just use the server 'name' instead of the IP address in the transfer to/from fields.

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