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How do I remove the tempdb database from master?

A. A. Do the following.

  1. Configure tempdb to be in RAM for 2 MB. Use SQL EM or sp_configure.
  2. Stop and restart SQL Server.
  3. Add a new device for tempdb. Do not call it temp_db - any other name should be ok
  4. Make that new device a 'default' device; make sure no other device is marked as default, especially master. You can check/change default status either using SQL EM, or the sp_diskdefault stored-procedure. Both are fully described in the books-online.
  5. Configure tempdb to NOT be in RAM (set value to 0)
  6. Stop and restart SQL Server
  7. Re-mark whichever device(s) you want to be default.

Contributed by Neil Pike

TAGS: SQL Server
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