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How do I install SQL Server 6.5?

A. SQL Server 6.5 can be installed on NT Server 3.51 or NT Workstation 3.51 or above however if you install on a Workstation you will be limited to the number of concurrent connections and should only really use as a development box.

Before installing the software you should create a SQL Executive account that will be used to run the various SQL services

  1. Start User Manager for Domain (Start - Programs - Administrative Tools - User Manager for Domains)
  2. Select "New User" from the User menu
  3. Enter a name of SQLExecAct and a Description of "SQL Executive Account". Uncheck the "User Must Change Password at Next Logon" and check "User Cannot Change Password" and "Password Never Expires". Leave the password blank
  4. Click the Groups button and add the Administrators group. Click OK
  5. Click the Add button then click Close
  6. Select "User Rights" from the Policies menu
  7. Check the "Show Advanced User Rights"
  8. Select "Log on as a service" and click Add
  9. Select SQLExecAct and click Add. Click OK
  10. Click OK to close the main User Rights dialog box
  11. Close User Manager for Domains

Click here to view image
- Example of the SQL Executive Account

Once the account has been created you can start the actual SQL 6.5 installation

  1. Login as an Administrator on the machine
  2. Insert the SQL installation CD-ROM
  3. Move the the I386 directory of the SQL directory
  4. Double click on SETUP.EXE which will start the installation procedure
  5. Click Continue to the welcome dialog box
  6. Enter your name, company and Product ID. Click Continue
  7. Click Continue to the display dialog showing the information just entered.
  8. Check the "Install SQL Server and Utilities" and click Continue
  9. Choose your licensing mode and click Continue
  10. Check the installation drive and directory is correct and click Continue
  11. Chose your Master device drive and location. This is used to store several critical system database's. Click Continue
  12. Select the books option and click Continue
  13. Choose the Installation options for Character Sets, Sort order etc. by clicking the relevant button. Once complete click Continue. Common character set is "ISO Character Set". You can also select for the SQL service and SQL Executive Service to automatically start at bootup time. This can be changed at a later date.
  14. Choose the SQL Executive Account (the one created) and click Continue (leave password blank)
  15. The installation will then continue without asking more questions (this may take up to 10 minutes depending on your hardware)
  16. At the end click the "Exit to Windows NT" button

You now have an SQL Server, now how do you use it? :-)

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