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How do I configure a connection to use tcp-ip sockets with SQL Server?

A. Run the SQL Client Configuration program on the client in question and follow these steps :-

  1. Select the Advanced Tab
  2. In the Server box type in the name your application will use to reference the server.
  3. For DLL Name select TCP/IP Sockets.
  4. For a server name that will be resolved to a numeric IP address just enter the name into the Connection string. (This should work if you can PING that server by name.) For a numeric IP address just type the IP address into the Connection String.
  5. If you want to use a different port from the default (1433 is the default) follow the IP name or address with a comma and the alternate port. For example:,1434
  6. Hit the Add/Modify Button.

That should do it

TAGS: SQL Server
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