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How can I output records/messages to a flat file from inside a SQL Server TSQL script/stored-procedure/trigger?

A. A. SQL Server doesn't have a handy SPOOL command like Oracle does, but there are a number of ways of doing what you want.

  1. Use xp_cmdshell and the ECHO command. Use the > or >> redirection symbols to either create or append to a file.
    xp_cmdshell "@ECHO test message >> C:\file.fil"
  2. Put the information you want into a table (note this can't be an ordinary temporary table, but it can be a global temporary table) and then bcp it out to a file via xp_cmdshell.
    xp_cmdshell "bcp <dbname>..<tablename> out c:\file.fil -Usa -P<password> -c"
  3. BCP or BULK INSERT (SQL 7 only) can also be used to read in a flat file into a table, from where it can be processed.
  4. Write your own extended stored procedure. As this is a C program it can use standard file access commands to achieve whatever you want.
  5. Run the select through ISQL via xp_cmdshell and use the -o parameter to output the results to a file. This example uses the -E parameter to avoild hard-coding a userid.
    declare @str varchar(255)
    select @str='isql -Q"select * from <tablename>" -E -oc:\file.fil'
    exec master..xp_cmdshell @str

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