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A Great Database Testing Resource

Just representing for my crew on this blog posting. It’s a bit old, but it’s a very valuable bit of info that I liked a lot. Check out the half hour webcast, CS Techcast 18: Database Testing for the Developer's Soul, featuring Andy Leonard, Microsoft MVP and co-author of several books including Professional Software Testing with Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Tools for Software Developers and Test Engineers, and where they talk about the importance of database testing. They also talk about some major security gaffs involving malware on servers that led to identity theft and rigged searches on major web sites, plus new attacks against DNS, hacking Windows Server 2008 and the MacBook Air, and EnterpriseDB's open source Postgres database gets new life with new funding and a competitive update. The webcast also brings you the "Worst Tech Move of the Week" going to Warner's proposed music tax on ISPs, the "Weekly Tech Tip" brings you ways to improve page file performance in Windows, and disaster recovery planning gets "A Closer Look".

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