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Getting ready for DevTeach

Join me an lots of my MVP colleagues at this year's DevTeach conference in Montreal.  DevTeach is put on every summer in one of North America's most beautiful cities by Jean-Rene Roy, the president of the Quebec area SQL Server Special Interest Group as well as president of and 

Jean-Rene has extended a discount code (good for $50 off) to all of my readers.  Use the code: C000QUEST.

Here are some highlights:

68 speakers are presenting over 3 days

119 sessions presented in 10 tracks

March 31st is the end of the early bird

We have three tracks for the Pre-Con

We have 2 tracks for the Post-Con

A BOF has been added to the show with Oksana Udovitska and Wendy Friedlander,5,1,815

Keynote with Pablo Castro on Entity Framework

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