Getting the most from BI in a Tough Economy

Learn how to strengthen your company's overall health and help your business thrive in this tough economy - without ever leaving your desk. Attend this exclusive series and discover how to quickly deliver actionable information without any significant software costs or long running data warehouse projects. Cut excessive costs, identify your most profitable customer's attributes, improve operations, and reap additional business value from your organization's existing data assets Get real-life tips and to-the-point training on how to leverage Microsoft BI to reduce uncertainty and generate quick ROI for your company.

Join industry gurus Derek Comingore and Barry Ralston for 3 lessons + live Q&A and learn how to:

  • Leverage Excel and Data Mining technologies that exist today
  • Support the democratization of BI in your organization using Excel and SharePoint technologies
  • Quickly provide enterprise visibility into your organization's key metrics See you there!

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