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Getting ahead of the curve on Yukon

Microsoft has made a lot of effort to do better with the Yukon release of SQL Server than with previous releases.  The number and depth of improvements are significant, especially if you’ve gone through some of the other upgrades/migrations of the past.


One area to which Microsoft has devoted a lot of attention is training the public.  Now, some of this benefit might be from a general improvement in technology.  Back when we were upgrading from SQL Server 7.0 to SQL Server 2000, it might have been prohibitively expensive to record Webcasts and make them available to the public.  But true to form for IT technology, what was costly then is cheap now.  And that means extra goodies for us!


If you haven’t had the chance, go to to see an extensive listing of recorded sessions covering a number of sessions on SQL Server 2005.  By investing just a few hours of time, you’ll get a great ‘heads-up’ on what’s new in the next release.


I’ve been through every upgrade of SQL Server since version 4.21a and I can attest that there has never been so much high-quality training material available so early in the product development cycle.  So don’t let it go to waste unused!  Check out the website today and start reading!


And of course, tell me what you think.





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