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Gain Insights Into Your SQL Server Databases on Any Browser, Mobile Device

Gain Insights Into Your SQL Server Databases on Any Browser, Mobile Device

Forerunner Software has recently announced the release of its Mobilizer 2.0 enterprise reporting and business intelligence (BI) solution. Mobilizer provides a modern application experiences and works in conjunction with SQL Server. By leveraging SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), users have access to the status and health of their databases on any browser or device.

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With the Mobilizer 2.0 release, users can now easily view reports with specific data with different parameter sets, which can be saved as customizable reports for faster viewing. Additionally, users can now filter in parameters and save multiple sets of parameters per user and report. There's also new custom folder formats in the latest version.

"This release of Mobilizer version 2.0 breaks new ground and the changes in this release significantly enhance the user experience,” Forerunner Software founder, Jason Carlson said. "Our development philosophy is driven by the needs of our business users and Forerunner Software is proud to provide the most robust, multiplatform data integration and presentation capabilities as possible for corporations and ISVs."

Visit Forerunner Software's website to learn more information about Mobilizer.

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