Download SQL Server 2008 Express

Get some hands-on experience with SQL Server 2008

I thought with all of these virtualization posts that it was about time to get back to SQL Server. If you’ve kept up with the news on the database front then you’ll have heard that Microsoft released SQL Server to manufacturing on August 6th 2008. However, the date when Microsoft releases a product and when you can get a hold of can be different things.

Fortunately, SQL Server 2008 continues to include the free SQL Server 2008 Express Edition which contains the same core relational database engine as the Workgroup, Web, Standard, and Enterprise editions of SQL Server. If you want to get some early experience with SQL Server 2008 or you just want to upgrade to the latest SQL Server 2008 Express Edition then you’ll want to check out the download for SQL Server 2008 Express from:

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