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DevTeach Preparations

After a quick and very early trip to Seattle to hold some meetings with Microsoft, I boarded a late night red-eye flight for Montreal to speak at the DevTeach event.


DevTeach ( is one of my favorite summer events.  It’s a cozy venue with several hundred attendees, mostly developers, held in the beautiful city of Montreal, Canada.  The event is coordinated almost single-handedly by Jean-Rene Roy.  Jean-Rene is also a big proponent of Universal Thread (, an on-line technology website.  I really like Universal Thread and I think you will too.


The SQL Server track at DevTeach features sessions from quite a few friends of mine.  The program chair for the SQL Server track is Roman Rehak.  If you haven’t ever looked at it, you should check out his blog at  Roman always posts at least one really useful tip per week.  It’s certainly worth the time.


I'll be delivering three sessions this time.  So I have lots of preparations to do.  Wish me luck!  Let me know what you think.





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