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Brian Walker, of Wingenious, contacted me to let me know about a new SQL Server tool called DBGizmo.


In case you've ever wondered, I don't write about commercial products for the Tool Time column in SQLMag, even if it's a free version of a commercial product.  However, I -can- write about them in my blog.


So I'm curious about this new tool for SQL Server database developers and administrators.  I haven't looked at in depth.  But if it sounds like something you'd find valuable, I'd like to hear your assessment of it here in the comments.  DBGizmo is essentially a look-up tool that shows you the exact line number where a match was found and presents the line of SQL code for review.  It also provides a number of additional features over and above SSMS for scripting database objects.


I'm not too crazy about their implementation of the freeware tool.  Evidently, the demo instaqll of DBGizmo limits some features, causing a few more features to expire after 14 days.  Other useful features remain available indefinitely.



So take a look at the tool and let the rest of the community know what you think.









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