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Data Warehouse Requirements Checklist

Data Warehouse Requirements Checklist

Project Name


Stakeholders’ Names, Titles, Contact Methods

Business goals: (Detail the goals that the data warehouse must satisfy.)

Current problems to solve: (Detail the business problems that the data warehouse will solve.)

High-level functions: (Detail the high-level business functions that the data warehouse will serve. A high-level walkthrough of the business processes involved helps visualize what’s going on at this level).

Success Criteria: (Detail the metrics for success.)

User Profiles (Describe the types of end-users of the data warehouse. Attach a User Profile Matrix as a chart for quick reference. Capture both technical and business user roles.)

User Task Descriptions: (How do the users complete key tasks using the current automated or manual system that the data warehouse will replace or supplement? Itemize and describe primary user tasks, detailing the Business Process Model.)

Re-engineered Task Descriptions: (How will the new data warehouse enable users to complete key tasks that are being re-engineered?)

Constraints: (List all known technical, budgetary, resource and other constraints that will prohibit satisfying these Requirements. Identify showstoppers.)

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