Data Junction, eXcelon Partner

As part of a new alliance, eXcelon Corporation is integrating its business-to-business (B2B) products with Data Junction's data integration software. The alliance will let organizations connect directly to more than 70 applications and data formats. eXcelon’s Dynamic Application Platform is an XML-based development platform for building and deploying dynamic e-business applications, which enables universal exchange, aggregation, and management of business content among corporations and their customers, employees, and partners. Data Junction’s integration software enables data movement and manipulation among disparate production data systems and e-business applications. "The essence of every B2B challenge is the need to move data between multiple, disparate data systems," says Mike Hoskins, Data Junction president. "eXcelon is eliminating the obstacles for enterprises that need to conduct business with their partners and customers over the Internet." The partnership also lets eXcelon resell Data Junction software tools with its Dynamic Application Platform, an arrangement that significantly expands the data formats and applications that eXcelon’s B2B solutions support.

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