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CompUSA Chooses SAP Retail

To streamline its financial, retail, and materials management systems, CompUSA Inc. chose SAP Retail solutions on the Windows NT operating system and SQL Server platform. When completed, the SAP Retail solution will be the largest SAP implementation running on NT and SQL Server, with 17,000 named users, 4700 active users, and 2800 concurrent users. "A combination of SAP and Microsoft software is providing the foundation for a digital nervous system that will enable CompUSA to address its business needs in a more efficient manner," says Honorio Padron, CompUSA's senior vice president of Engineering Processes and chief information officer. "We have long supported the Microsoft platform and are delighted with the commitment of SAP and Microsoft to deliver first-class, scalable, enterprise business software." When the project is completed, the SAP Retail solution will serve more than 200 CompUSA Superstores across North America and process 1 million point-of-sale line items per day. The estimated size of the SQL Server 7.0 database is just under a terabyte, based on a detailed sizing activity conducted by numerous vendors. "To stay competitive in the Internet economy, companies are looking for new ways to streamline processes and improve customer responsiveness," says Andy Zoldan, SAP America Inc.'s vice president of New Dimensions. A leading retailer and reseller of PCs and related products/services, CompUSA operates 211 Superstores in 83 major metropolitan markets across the United States that serve retail, corporate, government, and education customers. SAP's enterprise software helps companies optimize supply chains, strengthen customer relationships, and make better management decisions.

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